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Tavernas and Tunics – Shar September 16, 2009

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So, I was walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Plaka area of Athens, pausing frequently to take snapshots of the various quaint, color-schemed cafes that lined this terraced part of town:

Blues and Beiges

Blues and Beiges

Greens and Violets (my fave colors!)

Greens and Violets (my fave colors!)

Browns and Burgundies

Browns and Burgundies

As I approached the Monastiraki area, the cafes and tavernas started giving way to the more standardized clothing and souvenir shops. My friends and I reached a dead end of one alley as we hit a wall just festooned with rich garments – all in the classical Athenian style. A particular piece drew my eye – a short tunic of a saturated midnight blue, embellished with gold thread around the waist.
“22 Euros!” the shop owner piped up as I took the dress off the wall to admire the color. “…But for you, 20 Euros,” he adds with a generous smile – as though I don’t know he’ll say that to anybody.  One-size-fits-all though? That’s odd. The owner encourages me to put it on over my clothes. Although it fit alright, I still felt like this 1-size cut fit too loosely. I’m mini.

Yay or Nay?

Classically Athenian... Yay or Nay?

So, having never been able to say no straight up to nice shopkeepers, I tell him thank you very much and I’ll come back for it.
Thinking back, I’m sure I made the right decision. I’ve found that just because I like certain styles while I’m traveling, it doesn’t mean I’ll feel the same way about it back in the States. Case in point, a pair of Cretan axe earrings that I picked up in Santorini – never worn and gathering dust. Like an artifact.



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