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Birthdays Are The Best Days! – Lara September 21, 2009

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Happy Monday!!

Or more importantly, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY LOUIS!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. This weekend I was kind of stressing out because as you can see, it’s my boyfriend Louis’ 22nd birthday today. And I, trying to be a sneaky good girlfriend, have been racking my brain on what to buy him. The struggles that I faced were:

-limited budget (still unemployed)
-limited time (I’m pretty much around him 24/7 so any element of surprise is impossible)
-limited ideas (even HE doesn’t know what he wants)

I was stressing so much, trying to come up with the perfect gift but I just couldn’t find anything. He has a lot of clothes, shoes, and everything else. And things that he REALLY  wanted, were way out of my budget (i.e. new turntables, new lens for his camera, etc.).

But once midnight hit, and I wished him a happy birthday, and as we sat on the couch just watching tv as his phone was going crazy with texts, facebook emails, and phone calls, we were so content just sitting around. I told him I was sorry for not getting him anything but he reassured me that it was fine, and that he didn’t even know what he wanted so how could I. That made me feel a lot better.

So after all that stress, we settled on a “shopping spree”. This pretty much means we go to the mall, and whatever he sees and wants, he gets! (within reason of course!) I think it works better this way, he gets what he wants, and I make him happy. But maybe just for kicks I’ll go to the mall now and get him a little something. 🙂

Louie and I at our friend's 21st Birthday Dinner

Louie and I at our friend Ashley's 21st Birthday Dinner


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