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Kiehl’s and the Americana – Cathy September 22, 2009

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Piazzas. Plazas. Beautiful open spaces left for people watching in a vibrant part of the city. It’s one of the things I miss the most about Italy. A carefree public safe space is essential to a community’s vibrancy and I think in America its reflection is that of a shopping mall. The major difference to me is that a piazza feels alive and ever-changing where as a shopping mall is more commercial and stagnant.

Sharing this same vibe are some specialty shopping areas in LA, most recently added near me is The Americana at Brand. It’s reminiscent of the Bellagio with dancing fountains to amplified music and branded like Disneyland’s Main Street with a pedestrian filled avenue cutting through it, open only to a rarely used trolley. Specialty stores line the streets with expensive condominiums highlighting the top of the buildings. I love how the center has the dancing fountain, plush grass, and a sandpit with play area for the kiddies.

I forgot my camera so here’s what I found online:

The main reason I went is because I have been searching for a daily face wash and daily moisturizer with spf and I thought of Kiehl’s. It’s one of those companies I just naturally associate with cleanliness and experience so I thought I’d give it a shot. Maybe I’m just a sucker for their marketing and lab coats.

This is what they recommended. It’s for any skin type and I’ve found it to be great. It hasn’t stripped my face of all moisture the way the way a strong toner would, it has a light lavender like scent, and comes out as a foam. It’s $24.50 and she said it would last at least 3 months. They’re also quick to hand out samples of other products to take home and I’m going back next week to get the Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer because of a sample. It has an SPF of 15, evens out my skin, isn’t streaky and hasn’t rubbed off on any of my clothes. I’m a “medium.” Here’s for hoping y’all fit into one of their three shades too.



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