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Defining a Closet – Cathy September 25, 2009

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I am a shopaholic. I’ll spend time after work sifting through thrift stores and Lazy Sunday’s perusing the malls. It’s great for my closet, bad on my budget. Worse yet, my boyfriend’s a shopper too. So instead of a battle on whether or not to go shopping, it’s more a question of how many stores can we fit in before dinner?

To thwart an ungodly percentage of our income to clothing, I’ve been trying to define what my look and style is so I would no longer get great items that just don’t suit me outside of the store’s doors. For my work self I’m going for sleek, comfort, layers, with a hint of flair through color. I’m thinking Banana Republic meets Anthropologie.

Cathy's Work Closet Inspiration
Cathy’s Work Closet Inspiration

For my lazy Sunday weekend wear I tend to go for sandals with shorts and flowey tops or t shirts. Basic cotton, comfortable goods with whimsical embellishments.

Then for nights out I’m all about heels and short shapely black dresses or fitted colorful playful numbers.

When I get my closet up in about 6 weeks expect a lot of the same. Loved items that I’ve simply outgrown.

A great idea Allan had (suggested by a friend of his) was to be more socially aware and only purchase clothes that reflect that. That’ll surely change our spending. By taking away demand for generally sweatshop made goods it reflects in sales to upper management and supply readjusts itself accordingly over time in the marketplace. In response, some manufacturers have either brought their plants to the US or held their foreign plants to higher ethical standards. A great example of how mainstream fair trade clothes is getting is American Apparel (though I’m not a fan of their founder and his shady advertising practices, but that’s another story).

Check out this link for ethical consumer tips from the magazine bearing the same title.

They suggest buying less, buying local and buying used, among a few other things.

If you’re interested on learning more about fair trade read Naomi Klein’s book, No Logo.

Happy shopping.



1. Tammy - September 28, 2009

nice closet. nice style! i just got back from the states and i shopped like a mad woman. thank god i don’t live there anymore. it is dangerous! will just have to live through your closet.
thanks for helping!

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