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Sweet Smells & Sweet Thoughts SUCCESS! – Lara October 3, 2009

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I hope everyone’s weekend is going lovely thus far.  Just a quick update on my fragrance shopping,  I went back to the mall on thursday with my besties just to make a few returns and browse.  And as I made my way around the Benefit counter to look at the fun cosmetics, I went to put on Maybe Baby, the fragrance I was leaning towards (This was after smelling the other two scents and being less impressed by both).

When the kind sales associate asked me if I needed help, I asked for a bottle of Maybe Baby to test and she informed me that it was discontinued.  I wanted to cry.  Luckily, she said B-Spot was still available, so, it being my only choice, I sprayed some on me to make sure it wasn’t the scent that gave me a headache when I had both scents on.  The associate also informed me that I had to pick up a bottle soon, because they were discontinuing this scent as well. WHAT THE HECK MAN!

So I came back to the mall today and bought a bottle of B-Spot after figuring out that it wasn’t this scent that gave me a headache and with the boyfriend’s approval.  The only thing that makes me sad is the fact that once this bottle is gone, the hunt for a good fragrance will start again.  But until then. . .

Bspot“A fruity floral fragrance that is a sensual combo of lush mango, peony, sandalwood and amber. Spray on to awaken your most seductive pulse points!”


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