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The One That Got Away – Lara October 5, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.
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So it’s starting to get a little chillier as the day wears on.  At night I always find myself wishing I brought a jacket with me.  It’s not time for a winter coat just yet, the days are still quite warm, but I do want something light, but thick enough to keep the cold night air away.    I kind of want a leather jacket.  Odd?  I think it’s quite a staple to have.  Something that most people should have just to have you know? And when I think of leather jackets, I’m reminded of the one that got away.  Last year, I had placed on my birthday wish list this jacket:


Made by WeSC, it is a, “soft leather jacket with drawcord collar and brushed bronze hardware details; snap buttons over zipper; 2 pockets; elasticized cuffs and hem; 100% cotton lining; 100% Lambs Nappa leather shell.”  Translation?  Heaven in a jacket.

I was drawn to the color, the simple cut and design, and just the unique look.  Oh it would have made a great addition to my closet! But alas, it was $428 at the time and would have bankrupt my account.  So I let her go.  😦

So I have been looking out for a different jacket, something with a similar look and feel that perhaps could join my leather-jacketless closet.  And taking a look around, these pretty little numbers have caught my eye.


I found this one at Nordstrom.  I love the grey color of this one.  I kind of want to steer clear from black but at the same time black is so timeless that I don’t.  Haha I know I’m a mess to shop with!  Also, this particular jacket is faux leather for those of you want the leather look without the actual leather.


This one I found at Guess and I like because it can easily be an every night out jacket.  It’s one of those jackets I could throw in my boyfriend’s car and keep it there so whenever we go out and I get cold, it would be there to save the day!  The inside cotton grey lining is also a great touch!


This one seems less practical, it being super expensive and only being three quarter sleeve, but its just so darn cute! I love the color and the off center zipper.  It can be found here but there’s only medium sizes left.  I’m sure if I looked around more though I could find more. . .

Oh decisions, decisions!  Suggestions anyone?



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