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Snazzified: The Interview – Shar October 7, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Shar.

So.  Grad school has been owning me the last few weeks, right?  But it’s all worth it, especially since we’re in the process of figuring out which museum we’ll be interning for in our spring semester!  I can’t wait!  Interning at an actual DC museum… sounds so wow.  At least to me, because I’m a nerd for this kind of stuff!

Anyway, part of our figuring-out process is narrowing down the plethora of museum choices to the two most compatible museums and interviewing with them.

One of my interviews was for The Phillips Collection, a renowned modern art gallery that is currently developing their upcoming exhibit on Georgia O’Keeffe, which they are holding in collaboration with The Whitney in NY and the O’Keeffe Museum in NM.  Now, when the director of my graduate program first suggested this site to me, she did add a little disclaimer.  Apparently, being a private museum with a high-end collection, The Phillips has a bit of a reputation of being very proper.  She said she’s offering this position specifically to me, because she felt I have the poise and grace necessary to fit into the museum – which is quite a compliment!  With that in mind, I made sure to tailor my interview outfit to state classy:

metropark ruffle tank

My 2nd interview was with the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum!  How EXCITING!   What’s even more exciting is that they’re working on a new angle for their space programs that they’re calling “Cultural Astronomy” …how amazing does that sound?!  They’d be exploring how different cultures across the globe have viewed and interpreted the skies.  This would be the perfect opportunity for me to rekindle my long lost love of astronomy, work in the multicultural awareness angle that I strongly advocate, and even throw in a little of my folklore and mythology background in the mix!  Now, this museum is more laid-back and will focus more on a family audience.  So, with a few adjustments to my existing ensemble,  I took a more relaxed and approachable angle to my interview wardrobe by switching to slacks and wearing the shoes I bought last week:

metropark ruffle tank2

Now I know the outfit doesn’t necessarily make or break an interview.  But, it always gives you that extra oomph in your step when you’re feeling spiffed up.  …Stay tuned to see which internship I pick for spring!  Til next time…



1. Jowy - October 9, 2009

Im in love with that black skirt: gimme gimme !! ;-D

One Love,

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