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So Timeless – Lara October 12, 2009

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Hello fall weather!!  It’s that time everyone!  Bust out the cute trenches and light peacoats because the chilly fall nights are here. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I know I enjoyed mine!  This weekend I went to Downtown San Jose with my boyfriend to watch his friend perform in a group called “So Timeless”.  You can visit their site here.  I definitely recommend going out and catching one of their shows if they happen to perform somewhere around you.  They have such a smooth and soulful sound that makes you want to just close your eyes and be totally engulfed in their music.  You will know passion after watching them perform.  After sitting down and listening to them for a few minutes I turned to look at the crowd and realized that more and more people were trickling in as the sounds blasted out of the sound system and into the streets.  I have had the pleasure of watching them perform on more than one occasion and this time I was blown away not only by the chilly night air, but also by one of the lead singer’s attire.  It was the perfect mix for the weather without compromising looks (which is sometimes hard to do.  I know when I’m cold I’ll just pile on a sweatshirt and call it day! Cute? Who cares when I’m cold!)  Below are the key elements in her flawless outfit.


How cute it that?  From the fitted yellow peacoat, to the bright red belt, I found the outfit to be flawless and sat envious not only of her personal style, but also that mind blowing voice!  She wore a floral dress paired with a bright red belt to add color, and over that was a yellow peacoat.  But to make sure she was warm she wore gray leggings with peep toe heels. She was warm, comfortable, and still, demanded the attention from the crowd. I especially loved the color pallet she worked with, it was definitely fun but not too spring time-ish that I questioned her sanity.  Here’s to keeping it bright even when the weather is dreary!


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