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ClosetCat.com Opens in One Month – 11/11 October 14, 2009

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Emovo Shopping Time!

Emovo [ē – mō – vō]

– A Shopping Experience

  1. Shopping style – embodies the emotional connection we share with our clothing and our ever evolving personal style.
  2. To be completely of the moment.
  3. Like shopping your best friends closet.


The three of us – Cathy, Lara, and Shar – have created ClosetCat Emovo shopping to create a personalized fun online shopping experience. We’re 3 twenty-something women, living in 3 different cities, with 3 different styles.

We’re showcasing our lifestyles and closets via this blog and soon-to-be-up personal closets on www.ClosetCat.com We’re going to grow and evolve with this community and experience our lives together. Applying for jobs, first dates, starting businesses, girls nights out, baby showers, and even weddings – someday. We are going to be completely honest about our styles and lives and invite you to share your opinions any time.

On this blog we’ll discuss these experiences, and on the shop we’ll sell our favorite things from our closets and unique related goods we pick up from around the world.


We’re currently 4 weeks away from pulling back our closet curtains at www.ClosetCat.com and we’re so excited!

Throughout this countdown period, check back to be the first to know about coupon codes, closet sneak peaks, contests, as well as our expected daily posts.

First Contest Ever! Coupon Code Name

Email Cathy@ClosetCat.com to suggest a coupon code name. The winning submitted coupon code name will be used on our 10% off store opening promotion.  And the submittee  will get a special 20% off your whole purchase coupon code.


Here’s to love, life, and the clothes we shed along the way.



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