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Coat Cuteness: Deciding Factor? – Shar October 18, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Shar.

It’s cold!!!  As in, 40s cold already!  I think DC just skipped autumn and decided to play let’s-freak-out-the-So-Cal-girl by moving straight into winter.  Okay, maybe I’m just being a weenie.  Either way, this mid-October weather is like our mid-December weather back home.  So, come January – which I hear is the coldest – look for me: I’ll be the poof wearing 9 layers and still turning an odd shade of blue-tan.

I’ve taken to peppering my classmates with anti-freeze advice: what kind of jacket should I get, what kind of shoes, what are handwarmers?  They’re getting a kick out of it, actually.  “You don’t know what handwarmers are???” they ask incredulously, looking first at me, then our other classmate Garwin, who’s from Puerto Rico.

Everyone is telling me to get hiking boots and warm wool socks, and also to buy the extra poofy jackets with the down fluffing inside.  Boo, not cute.  I always thought winters would hail in the snazzy coats and the stylin’ boots.  Maybe I watch too much Gilmore Girls, because they always have the most adorable winter ensembles:



…Then again, as cute as the coats are, I do question the practicality.  After all, Gilmore Girls was filmed in Los Angeles.

I’m guessing this will do little to ward off the cold too:


But I want it!  It’s violet and it’s pretty!

Sad… guess I’ll be keeping an eye out for cute-ish poofy jackets.  Haven’t seen one yet…

Wish me luck!  And warmth!



1. Rachel - October 19, 2009

I absolutely love Gilmore Girls!!! Their winter wear has always struck me as really cute and I’ve always had a problem picking a practical outerwear piece over the fashionable one. *sigh – maybe one day – Thanks for posting! 🙂

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