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Explanation – Lara October 24, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.

Oh ClosetCat, how I’ve missed you so!  Sorry for being MIA lately, this new job is really kicking my butt!  Let me explain how my schedule has changed thus far:

So I started training on Tuesday, and that was ok.  They threw me in their lunch hour rush and I was so confused and overwhelmed.  So when I got home I was pooped and pretty much went straight to bed.  Wednesday was my second day of training and I was there from 11-8.  I had to leave early because Louis and I had dinner plans (our pre-three year anniversary dinner)  And after a fabulous three course dinner at Alexander’s Steak House I was pooped again and had to go back into work the next day again from 11-close.  So my days are so much more packed than before.  Especially with trying to spend time with the boyfriend and getting enough sleep for work, I guess I’ve been spreading myself too thin.  (hence the lack of posts by me).

But alas, I am here now, my day off!  To share with you not only what’s goin on with my life, but another sneak peak at what you’re going to be able to purchase from my closet come 11/11.  Yes, those cute front sinched boots Cathy posted will be a part of my closet launching, but so will a look that is similar to this:

LIBRARYMy library attire.  Cute cardigans and embelished tanks.  Red moccasin flats to add just a little bit of color and a wallet to fit your keys and library card.  Perfect for a day with your heads in the books.  Get ready ClosetCat, because you have a couple of shop addicted girls ready to share their fab finds with you!  Take care this weekend!



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