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Art and Identity – Shar October 25, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Shar.

I sat down and started writing about my recent reflections on the people-watching that helps me write my ClosetCat blogs, but I decided to change tracks and do something new.

We ladies at ClosetCat pride ourselves on being dynamic, well-rounded women.  So far, we’ve talked about clothes, shoes, books, gifts, jobs, etc… and it’s all good stuff.  But I thought I’d write about something different and share another love – art.

In my Curator Research class, our latest assignment was to pick a piece of art and write a museum label for it.  We were to write it so our voice as a curator could be recognized, and our professor urged us to pick a piece that might mean something to us.

My thoughts immediately jumped to my expertise – antiquities and classics.  Then, on second thought, as much as I love Classical sculpture and what not, it didn’t necessarily say much about myself.  So I decided to represent something near and dear to my heart – my heritage.

Being a proud Filipina, I was tempted to go on and on about what my chosen piece could mean, and the challenge was to pare it down to 150 words.  Here’s what I eventually turned in:


The thing I love about art is that whether or not you know the nuances that go into creating different styles, sometimes certain works touch your heart for the simple reason that it speaks to your identity.

I don’t claim to be an artist, not do I claim myself to be a fashion expert.  But I’m hoping that as we debut ClosetCat in a few weeks, you’ll find certain pieces in my closet that will call out to you and allow you to fashion your ever-changing identity.

Stay tuned!



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