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Halloween Follow Up – Cathy November 3, 2009

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Hey y’all,

Just wanted to follow-up on Halloween for me. Me and the Mister went as Egg & Bacon! Every year we stay home until about 8 to pass out full size candy to the kiddies. Full size, you read right. =) After, we go to the West Hollywood parade to roam the streets with friends. Our cat stayed home but you can see below she is Dracula.

One of my favorite things growing up was the tradition of the Holidays. Maybe not Halloween so much, but seemingly every holiday to follow has special details to look forward to.  For Thanksgiving we all potluck an American style dinner at my parents’ house. My cousin Jonathan always swears to make gravy from scratch – but he surely comes in with canned gravy “just in case.” For Christmas Eve, everyone comes over again to celebrate. All the cousins stack in my brother’s room to play guitar hero and then inevitably migrate to the living room to kick out the adults for a round of Cranium. Aunty Mary Anne can always be found by the blender making margaritas. I get each cousin involved in cooking somehow, and make a vegetable dish or dessert with Lara.

It’s these yearly traditions that make the holidays so special. I’ve since moved to So Cal but I always go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas to partake in these traditions. For Halloween , Allan and I are starting to work on some traditions of our own.





1. daisychain - November 5, 2009

oh man, best ever costumes!

2. Midnight Cowgirl - November 6, 2009

What fun costumes!

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