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Lazy Friday – Lara November 6, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.

Sorry for the late post ya’ll!  Today was my first day off and let me tell you, I definitely took advantage.  I think if I told you the details of my day it would be disgustingly unproductive so I will leave those details to myself 😛

Isn’t it odd that the more you sleep, the more groggy you seem during the day?  Today I wanted nothing more than to just sit in my pajamas and eat and drink.  It was a bit chilly though so my heart longed for  one of these:

Monkey footie pjHow cute?!  And this would make an amazing white elephant gift!  Just grab one of these, add in some dvds and a bag of popcorn, some instant hot chocolate mix and for a white elephant party someone gets a lovely night in package!

To add a little something extra, try and personalize your hot chocolate mix.  (This was something I did in High School because there were so many people and my after school job left me with limited income).  All you need to do is purchase a few mason jars, or any jar you want for the hot chocolate mix.  Buy your favorite brand of hot chocolate mix and add to it either fresh vanilla beans or a touch of cinnamon and a little more sugar.  Or, add a flavored non-dairy powdered creamer to make it your own!  Then fill the jar, write the heating instructions on the outside of the jar, add a ribbon and hand them out!

It’s almost Christmas time, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to please the crowd! 🙂



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