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Change – Lara November 23, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.

So as I sit here on my brother’s desktop adorned in my new Lauren Conrad Gray Cocoon Sweater from Kohl’s and waiting for my best friend to return home from a dinner so we can gym it up tonight, I reflect on 2009 and wonder what 2010 has in store.  I know I know, “But Lara, it’s not even December yet!!” I’m a sucker for reflecting on the past and tonight is no different.  Change is something I always look for.  I like to make drastic changes that will alter my life.  I like the fear it gives me, I like the rush I get, I like the shocked expressions I get when I tell people my plans.

I was talking to one of my best friends in New York last night, and we got to talking about Grad school.  Law School for her and Business School for me.  We met our freshman year in college and stuck by each others’ sides our whole four years.  Leaving to come back to California was uber hard.  Harder than I thought it was going to be.  But we were talking about where we were going to go for our Graduate classes.  I want Rome.  She’s down for whatever.  haha.  School is still up in the air, not the fact of whether I am going or not, but where.  Fall 2011 is what I have my eyes set on.  But who knows what will happen in these next few months.

I cut my hair on Friday.  My hair was too long, and again, I needed change.  But for some reason I can never go too drastic when it comes to my hair.  I kept the length the same, just a trim, with more layers and thicker side swept bangs.  I’m adjusting to it.  I feel like its still that awkward “just cut and I feel like I look like a fob kid” stage.  It will grow on me I’m sure.  What other changes am I undergoing. . .

Starting the whole gym scene with the best friend.  Let’s hope we actually go as much as we say we will.  I also decided to try and cut off coffee from my system, because it’s unneccessary calories and I feel like working at a cafe and bakery makes me drink it when I don’t even need the caffeine rush.  I’m also going to try and cut down snacking at work.  Because I mean let’s face it, me in a bakery for over 7 hours a day means I’m going to snack.  Here’s to trying to be healthier next year.  Baby steps right? RIGHT!




1. daisychain - November 24, 2009

I’m the same with my hair,
I desperatley need mine cutting and re-styled but I always end up with the same!

Good luck with getting healthier 🙂

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