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Fashion Muse, Daphne Guinness – Cathy December 22, 2009

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I recently came across an article on Daphne Guinness and I was taken aback by her highly influenced fashion background and unique style. She has such a strong personal flare for style and a seeming lack of desire to impress anyone but herself. From her punky two-toned hair to the haute couture shoes she walks in, she clearly makes anything she wears her own.

ClosetCat: Daphne Guinness, Harpers Bazaar

Style Quotes:

“I’m not using magazines as a reference point,” explains British heiress and movie producer Daphne Guinness, whose exceptional personal style first caught the attention of McQueen 10 years ago, when he spotted her striding across Leicester Square in his Givenchy orange-and-purple dragon robe in the middle of a freezing winter. “I thought, I have to meet that woman,” he recalls. Guinness became not only a close friend and client of the designer’s but also a stylistic muse. – Harpers Bazaar

ClosetCat: Daphne Guinness 4

“Celebrities almost never look good unless they are ‘out’ at something or other, while real fashion animals always look a little interesting, even if they are only going to Starbucks. Individuality will always exist,” she asserts. “It’s more that it has become very underground and doesn’t infiltrate the mainstream as much as it should, so you have to search it out, which is getting more difficult, but also more rewarding.” – Vogue UK

[Knowing one’s silhouette is] like having that baseline of scent that I cover up myself with. You know, I’ll have a baseline of clothes and then I’ll work up from that. During the day, it sort of develops. Then I’ll sometimes think, “Oh God, how did I do that?” But then I can never recreate it. – Style.com

ClosetCat: Daphne Guinness 2

“I grew up in an artists’ colony near Barcelona with Salvador DalÍ and the Surrealists, so my dress sense is very coloured by my youth. Everybody knew that DalÍ was the most crazy; you’d go to his house and he would have lobsters in his pool. Anything went, clothes-wise. You could wear whatever you wanted any time of day, so people would wear evening clothes at breakfast time, simple Catalan shoes and hats, lots of brightly coloured hippy kaftans, and a lot of French, tailored outfits.”  – Times Online UK

ClosetCat: Daphne Guinness 3

ClosetCat: Daphne Guinness 5


1. daisychain - December 23, 2009

I love Daphne, I’m not even sure what attracts me to her, she just radiates inspiration.

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