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Trip! – Cathy January 12, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Cathy.

I’m traveling to the Philippines soon! I’m so anxious to go swimming, go shopping, eat fresh food, have mango smoothies with every meal, and most-importantly spend time with my family. It will surely be one of the best times of my life. I’m ecstatic!!!

One of my highlights will be going to Pagsanjan Falls. I first saw it on the travel channel with Samantha Brown a few years ago and knew I had to experience it myself. The trip starts with going up a river for about an hour in canoes that your guide paddles. On both sides of the river is lush, green, steep mountainside.  You can hear the waterfall in the distance, birds and monkeys jumping overhead. Then at the end, you transfer to rafts (pictured below) and get pulled underneath the falls. How fun!!!!

On a shopping front, the Philippines is land of the shopping malls. Huge ones. Every mall there is comparable to the Mall of America – picture 3+ stories high, and miles upon miles of retail space. They’re huge. They’re slogan is “No other mall comes close.” Geeze – but it’s true. Because of the immense temptation, I was thinking of making a shopping list so I don’t go overboard.

So far I’ve got:

– Black ballet flats

– Oversized cardigan

– Large light grey hobo bag

– Loose fitting cropped pants

I can’t’t deny that I’ll surely find some purchases that aren’t on this list. But at least I have a guide to focus on and won’t come home with hella Manila t-shirts that I blindly bought $2 per. =)





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