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New Year, Fresh Start -Shar January 19, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Shar.

I’m back in DC 🙂

And I just started my internship at the Air and Space Museum, which is going SO well.   I love it!

And my classes for this semester are looking very promising (I had to get a Twitter account for one class – @sharleente)

AND I just moved to a new place.  FINALLY…

So lots and lots of changes and new beginnings!  2010 is going to be great!

I’ve particularly found that moving is always exciting – although sometimes also stressful.  I love that period when you first move and you start “nesting,” that is, working things around so that you feel like you’ve created a space that is fully and inarguably yours.  Now, I’m just renting a room so my space-making is somewhat limited.  I’ll post those pictures up once I feel that this area is truly mine (I’m still working out the kinks and the blah spots).

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you what it WOULD look like, had I been blessed with my ideal location in the world and my ideal bank account:

Option One

Option Two

As you can see, I like my whites pristine and my woods rich, with a splash of accent colors here and there.  A view of the beach through the floor-to-ceiling windows would be icing on the cake.

This is where I sigh with longing and sign off until next time…

Stay tuned, Cathy’s sure to be regaling us with jealousy-inducing stories of her trip to the Philippines!


1. daisychain - January 21, 2010

Your internship sounds amazing. I’m so pleased 2010 is going so well for you 🙂

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