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Time for Tea – Lara January 22, 2010

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I know I know, who am I again?  Sorry for disappearing for dayyyys.  New years was kind of a hectic time for me and the family.  Prior to new years my grandpa suffered from a stroke and was hospitalized, and after days in the hospital he passed away.  Don’t be sad though, he’s in a better place and I firmly believe that.

It was through this experience that I was shown the true support of family.  Once my lolo had passed family started flying in from all over the place –  Boston, Philippines, Ireland, etc. And at one point my brother did a head count of the people sleeping in my house and the total was 20.  Jeeze louise.  It truly was bittersweet.  The conditions under which everyone came together was terrible, but once they were all together it was nothing but laughs and reminiscing.

My lolo’s eulogy was nothing compared to the private eulogy we each had once we came home and were just reliving the past.  We shared private stories that made us laugh and remember.  We came together not only to mourn the death of a loved one, but to most importantly celebrate his life.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s about all you want to hear about that subject.  On to the here and now.

So today my best friends and I are going out for afternoon tea.  How amazing right?!  We’ve been dying to go since one of us passed by a tea place a few weeks ago, but trying to come up with a time that fits all of our schedules has been nearly impossible.  But the stars aligned this week and we have reservations for Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Campbell at 2:30.   I will be sure to take pictures and document our tea time and perhaps post the pictures tomorrow. 🙂 Until then, stay warm my ClosetCat readers!




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