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New Poster to ClosetCat! February 2, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Lindsey.

Instead of studying for my biology test which is this thursday, and i havn’t started studying at all, I decided i would rather write on here for the first time.

I hope my post comes up correctly. This already looks confusing… but anyways i suppose I’ll just write a whole buncha nonsense.
Sorry to whoever reads this, my writing capabilities are not at the full potential as they should be. I hate english haha, but i love to read. Im really bad when it comes to sentence structuring, sentence fragments, and incomplete thoughts. I’ll jump from one subject to the next. Which I’m about do…

I’m currently at school on break before my next class which is stats… I don’t mind stats its just not interesting to me. Just when i got away from math in highschool it comes to haunt me at college too. I remember my highschool math teacher telling me that you don’t really need math to achieve a career in life. WHAT A LIE!! first off I wanted to get into pharmacy, which im no longer going into. She said i could get into pharmacy with the level of math i was taking right now. So of course i thought i was A-okay, but nope, because of her i had to take summer school… GRRR so this is why i currently hate math because of her…

ALSO i hate 8am classes, Tuesdays and Fridays are 8am-5pm… before i use to love tuesdays and fridays. Because, Tuesdays are cheap movies nights, and fridays well obviously cause its the end of school and start of a weekend. But now i hate them…

uhoh class is starting in ten minutes.
this is Lindsey Fuentebella

signing out

p.s. (I’m for sure editting this post, you can tell i rushed, I’ll tell you more about myself as well.)



1. Aimee - February 2, 2010

hello! I think your post was fun to read 🙂


2. daisychain - February 7, 2010

Welcome 🙂 I look forward to reading more from you,

Laura x

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