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Some Time to Kill February 16, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Lindsey.

I have to go to the Detroit airport to pick up my parents in less than half an hour, and since I’m there, I might as well take this opportunity to go shopping.
The good thing about living across the border is you can go stateside whenever you want. Border crossing is a hassle though. With more regulations and restrictions due to past events it’s not as easy anymore. Nonetheless, I’m hoping to go to SomerSet Mall.

SomerSet mall is my favourite mall in Detroit. It feels as if I’m visiting California because of the lighting, layout, and palm trees. It’s a high-class mall. Very expenseeevo I like to say, sadly. However, they have many stores that I love! Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Sephora – to name a few.
I am currently hoping to get this dress for my birthday party coming up this Saturday. I hope it fits. I asked them to hold it for me but they only had a small left in that colour.

I’m still getting used to blogging, but I hope the picture turns up. Just in case it doesn’t. Description: Silence and Noise Stronger Shoulder Dress. I think in recent fashion, especially Korean, shoulder pads are back in style! This dress looks sophisticated and powerful – I love it! It’ll be perfect for Saturday night clubbing downtown. I’ll upload a picture of me in it when the time comes. Alas, back to picking up my parents at the airport.

Update! February 18th

I have obtained the dress! 😀 and my god does it look good on me. I was quite worried because first off, we were suppose to go shopping first before we picked up my rents but sadly it was snowing. Thus, making my brother worry and not willing to drive for such a long distance just to get a dress. However, weather cleared up. My brother now worried that we would be late in picking up my parents. So hopefully after picking up my tired jetlagged parents maybe, just maybe we can convince them to let us go to SomerSet mall. Luckily they didn’t deny however my  mother nagged on how out of the way it was. I was content! as soon as we reached the desired destination me and my brother quickly made our way up three flights of stairs into URBAN OUTFITTERS ❤

I was happily greeted by one of their employees, i quickly ask them that i held an item til today. He assisted I go to the changing rooms and there my prized posession will await me. I scurry to the changing room dodging startled customers and racks of clothing. Tell excitedly the changing room lady that i put something on hold under Lindsey. There were two Lindseys holding items, me of course, and some random. She accidently picked the random Lindsey’s item. My heart dropped for a bit cause I was like, THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED but obviously realised there is not but one Lindsey in this world D: she handed me the dress.

The dress itself on the hanger looked awful. Not the material I expected nor the shape… internet clothing sites get me all the time. I travelled this far might as well try it on. I did and *HEAVENS REJOICE* the dress looks AMAZINGGGG!!!! on me. woot woooooot

Signing out




1. daisychain - February 18, 2010

Oh I love it when things work out so perfectly.

2. Laura - February 19, 2010

Thanks for stopping by!
My parents live near summerset and great lakes crossing, I save my shopping for when I visit!
There are some really great shops in Chicago but for urban and F 21 the sales tax is too high here!

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