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A Mango a Day aka Philippine Bliss – Cathy February 19, 2010

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I’m back. =)

I adore the Philippines. I love the tropical fruit available year-round. I love the 90 degree weather in January. I love that it’s where my family is from. I love all the fresh seafood and lechon at every meal.

I miss it.

I traveled to Manila, Cebu, and Bohol with my family and boyfriend for my mom’s side reunion. I don’t think people think of the Philippines and associate it with malls, but that’s a huge part of the culture. Malls are everywhere and huge. For example the SM Mall of Asia is the second largest in the Philippines and the fourth largest in the world at 4.2 million square feet. We’re talking good shops too – Topshop, Aldos, H&M, Bench, etc. It’s a hot country and the malls are a great place for people to go during the day and convene. I definitely stocked up on Topshop. If you’re curious, the current fashion on the streets of Manila are color-filled with lots of sandals that come over the ankle. You can get tons of these type of sandals for under US$20.

ClosetCat: Philippine Sandal Example

fun headpieces for nights out,

ClosetCat: Manila Style example

and back-baring or shoulder emphasizing club tops (this Topshop dress below has both, though you can’t see the back).

ClosetCat: Philippine Nightlife Style

But generally it’s a shorts and tee place (mainly because of the heat). Remarkably, most all schools still have strict uniform policies, so on any given day you’ll see hordes of young men and women in their school uniform. This is typically a long pleated skirt to mid-calf or trousers with a tucked in white button up.

ClosetCat: Philippine Style: School Uniform

Cebu produces the best mangoes in the world. We toured and relaxed – massages, swimming all day, and drinks from the swim-up-bar.

And Bohol is home of the smallest monkey in the world – the tarsier. I think it’s ugly-cute. Like a pug. There’s also the Chocolate Hills that are an endless horizon filled with cute-dainty hills. In the fall they dry up and all turn brown as if it’s a field of chocolate kisses laid out neatly waiting to melt.

We also went to Pagsanjan Falls, I blogged about it pre-trip. You couple up in canoes that two men (one in the front and one in the back) paddle you upstream in. They paddle until they get to a rapids area (there are around 20), where they have one foot inside the canoe and one out literally pushing off the rocks to propel forward. At the end of the rapids (about 1 hour) is a waterfall that you transfer on to a bamboo raft with others where two other men pull you under the waterfall via a thick rope connected to the cave wall beyond the waterfall. It’s a fabulous time where you take in the serene rainforest type scenery and then get pummelled by a waterfall who’s facade looks like a drinking goat. – check it out below. Just beautiful. The best part is on the way back to the city, we buy local buko (young coconut) pie for about US$3. Heavenly.

More posts soon on my necklace finds for the ClosetCat shop.

ClosetCat: Filipino Fruits

ClosetCat: Allan and Me in front of the Chocolate Hills

ClosetCat: Church Candles

ClosetCat: Pagsanjan Falls

ClosetCat: Do you see the goat drinking water?

ClosetCat: Sunrise in Bohol



1. daisychain - February 21, 2010

Welcome back! x

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