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Fashion for a Cause – Shar March 6, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Shar.

…What do you think?  Simple, with a bit of flair.  Cute clutches…

What if I told you they’re fully eco-friendly?

And what if I told you that these clutches provide food, medicine, and clean water to impoverished communities in Honduras?

These clutches were introduced to Honduras when Students Helping Honduras, from the University of Mary Washington, taught the women of Siete de Abril, a squatter community, how to make new products out of recycled soda labels and chip bags:

With this new learned skill, the women from this community are able to sell these colorful bags and earn some much-needed income.  To broaden their impact even further, Students Helping Honduras approached their university’s bookstore to see if they can open up the market to the US.  This way, the families in Honduras didn’t have to rely solely on sales to volunteers and visitors to their neighborhoods.

I can’t begin to express how admirable and inspiring such stories are.  To find a way to create fun pieces that help our environment and help take care of families – I truly commend these students.  Makes you wonder what kind of skills we have that we think are random, but can actually make a difference.

For more information, or to find where to purchase one of these life-changing clutches: http://www.studentshelpinghonduras.org/node/334


1. daisychain - March 7, 2010

Wow they are amazing

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