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WonderLand of Alice – Lindsey March 8, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Lindsey.

So I watched Alice in Wonderland opening night. Goodness gravy were the lines ever long. We bought the tickets 3 hours prior to the movie and figured we might as well roam the mall while we wait. We got back an hour and a half later, and already the line reached almost to the back of the theater. Lucky for us, we still got pretty good seats.
The movie all in all wasn’t that bad. I personally think Tim Burton should have left it as a cartoon that way he could really capture the essence and create anything with his imagination. However, what really caught my attention were the many dresses that Alice wore.

It was hard trying to find all the dresses since the movie just came out Friday, but I’m pretty much in love with all of them. The style is somewhat similar to Vivienne Westwood, one of my favorite designers.

Regarding a past post- the dress that I wore for my birthday was FANTASTIC!  I’ll wear it to another event hopefully sometime in the near future. Sadly no one carried a camera with them downtown that night… I was very upset…

I’m very flattered that there was a discount for the shop in honor of my birthday! Too bad no one in the ClosetCat crew is turning 50 or 75 cause then that would be a DEAL that even I would take advantage of!

Hope everyone’s weekend was great!
Write to you next week!




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