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London Fashion Show- Lindsey March 24, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Lindsey.
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Okay, I know what your probably thinking- Lindsey’s going to a fashion show in London, England?! No, London Canada!
It`s being hosted in one of our top Ivy League Universities, Western. What`s great about this show is that all the proceeds go to the Children s Health Foundation, specifically the Childs Life Fund. This year is their 12th annual Caisa Fashion show, so obviously this is going to be top notch way better then the previous years. Another great thing is the models are all students from the University. It brings unity, makes you get to know a lot of other students and it`s all for a great cause.

“Over the course of the year, our team of over a hundred executive members, choreographers, and models commit countless hours to put together an amazing show for a great cause. The show will feature the talents of numerous Western students such as choreography, talent acts, and innovative fashion designs.“

This is my first time going, so I`m not sure what to expect. However, from what I hear it`s going to be quite the night. I`ve also been freaking out on what I should wear to the show and the after party. Freaking out so much that i wasted 60$ at Nordstrom on a shirt that I`m no longer going to wear cause i found a similar shirt at H&M for a cheaper price…

Anyway the look I`m trying to pull off for the show is:
1) A long white button up tunic

2) A long white undershirt, since the tunic is see through
3) Tights with designs on them Purchased at Urban Outfitters for $14

4) A waist belt, which i might still have to purchase if nothing in my closet looks good.
5) Silver criss cross heals $45, and accessories $15. Purchased at Aldo!

I kind of want to wear a hat, but then I don`t want to get hat hair for the after party… Ahh soo stressful, but so far the outfit is looking good. I`m wearing the same outfit that i did for my birthday, and this time I`m taking numerous pictures I Promise! I`ll be carrying a camera with me everywhere I go.  The shoes that I`ll be wearing for the After Party are from Aldo as well! I splurged.

I`m addicted…

Anyways the Show is this weekend! I`m soooo pumped! haha

signing out- Lindsey



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