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Kid Friendly – Shar April 3, 2010

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Last Saturday was Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.  Normally, this isn’t really something I tune in to watch – mostly because I get bored of awards shows after I’ve already checked out what everyone’s wearing.  But this time is different, and this is why:

You’ve probably heard of Justin Bieber.  He got his start in YouTube and got discovered there and is now a tween phenomena.  It looks like he’s paying it forward, which is amazing of him.  My cousin and his group, Legaci, have been doing covers on YouTube for a while now and they did a cover of Justin’s “Baby” which you can see here:


Anyway, Justin Bieber saw it, loved it, and is now taking them on tour with him!!  They’ve been on MTV, The View, Jay Leno, and – this I can’t wait for – they’ll be coming to DC to perform at the White House!

Oh right, back to Kids’ Choice Awards.  You can see them on the far left (they cut off Chris! = cousin)

I’m beyond excited for them!  Follow them on Twitter: @legacimusic

Anyway, as far as fashion goes, I thought it would also be particularly interesting to see what celebs wore the Kids’ Choice Awards because of the intended audience.  Because the show is specifically geared to kids, gone is the opportunity to wear something slinky or cut in strategic places, like many awards fashion often opt for.  Instead, many stars chose to go for a playful, approachable glamour:

Demi Lovato

Lea Michele

This one is runner up for my favorite look of the night:

Victoria Justice

And my favorite look of the night:

Selena Gomez

Good for these ladies for keeping a fresh image while staying tasteful…

Til’ next time! – Shar


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