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Coffee Crisp and Other Delights from Toronto – Cathy June 13, 2010

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4 days in Toronto.

17th floor room.

4 flights.

10 trips on The Rocket.

22 full size coffee crisps.

My trip in numbers.

Allan and I went to Toronto for a conference he was presenting at – he was absolutely in his element and spoke with great fervor. Everything else was planned around that, but we still had great fun and time to visit a few beautiful restaurants and sites.

We couldn’t go without visiting AGO – the Art Gallery of Ontario. Frank Gehry is a native Torontonian and has his hand in the mesmerizing architecture. Time constrained, we were only able to have brunch at Frank. It was truly an experience. The pancakes were the highlight with their buttery crispness encasing fluffy goodness. The poached egg appetizer laid on top of a bed of greens and Peameal bacon was the perfect compliment to the pancakes. Note to other non-Canadians, do not make a complete arse out of yourself by asking a Canadian server what Peameal is. (Peameal bacon = Canadian bacon, and it’s in everything!) The things you learn while traveling…

Other favorite things:

Fire on the East Side – Comfort food with a southern twist. The short ribs and duck confit quesadilla memories are making me drool.

Tim Hortons donuts.

AGO floating staircase – I really wish we had enough time to peruse the museum.

General Tso’s chicken in Chinatown.

Luminato festival. Free concerts, makeovers, art displays and other events around the entire city.

Toronto’s fabulous public transportation. LA is very jealous.

The design of the Ontario College of Art and Design. It’s a love it or hate it design, and where his conference was.

The walkability of the area and seeing so many dogs on our walk.

And coffee crisp of course! I swear they’re not all for me. They’re for my brother. He’s visiting in two weeks (super excited!). He’ll vouch for me then. And if you’re wondering what a coffee crisp is… It’s a snickers size kit kat that’s coffee flavored. Delish! I’ve got a few extra mini ones if you’re curious. Email me. =)

Safe travels!


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