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Tracy Anderson Workout – Cathy July 9, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Cathy.
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I’ve been searching for a workout routine I could call a lifestyle change and I think Tracy Anderson is my answer. It’s all about targeting accessory muscles, adding lean definition, and not bulking up. The gym in New York is out of my locale and my budget, but the videos are perfect. The only one I’ve done so far is the Mat workout. It’s about one hour long, targets typical problem areas, has you workout standing, with a chair for support, on a mat, and with and without weights. It’s constantly changing and I like the dance/lounge music she uses. Her view on weights is a strong one. Women shouldn’t lift more than 3 pounds working out if they want to remain lean and long. She says that going over that bulks up any one muscle group beyond leaning into bulking. It’s fine for me because with the amount of repitition she uses I’m already feeling it.

I just ordered her workout series dvd and will report back. But if you want to try something at home first (to get a feel for her teaching style, and method) check out her youtube channel and the links below for free posted videos.

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