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Impulses – Lara July 23, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.

I’ve come to realize that I am a girl of impulse.  I ride with my emotions and I don’t really hold anything back.  As much as I would like to say I keep things to myself, I know I do this with people I’m not comfortable with.  But once you know me, you will really KNOW me.

I just booked an appointment at a salon.  I always talk about chopping off all my hair, or highlighting it, or adding a body wave.  But I’m always too chicken sh*t to really follow though.  My hair is my security blanket.  Even when I just get a trim I feel semi-naked which is why borring old me has had the same length layered look (with semi change to bangs) but I am determined to come out of this appointment feeling changed.

And change always feels awkward at first, which I am sure is how I will feel after I get whatever done to me done to me.  But hopefully my stylist will be able to lead me to the path of hair nirvana.

bye bye boring hair.  I love you, but I’m not in love with you.

I will post a picture up of the after 🙂 eeeee! im excited! cross your fingers for me and pray I don’t come out a monster


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