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Potential Birthday Present – Lara October 1, 2010

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I know it’s early, but I never really get myself anything and I think the last big purchase I’ve made for myself was my gym membership.  This year I’m going to be fancy.  Behold, my birthday present to myself:

To Me From Me

I have until December before my bank account will take the hit.  I can’t wait! 🙂

Style Inspiration – Lara July 30, 2010

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LOVE her look.

Impulses – Lara July 23, 2010

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I’ve come to realize that I am a girl of impulse.  I ride with my emotions and I don’t really hold anything back.  As much as I would like to say I keep things to myself, I know I do this with people I’m not comfortable with.  But once you know me, you will really KNOW me.

I just booked an appointment at a salon.  I always talk about chopping off all my hair, or highlighting it, or adding a body wave.  But I’m always too chicken sh*t to really follow though.  My hair is my security blanket.  Even when I just get a trim I feel semi-naked which is why borring old me has had the same length layered look (with semi change to bangs) but I am determined to come out of this appointment feeling changed.

And change always feels awkward at first, which I am sure is how I will feel after I get whatever done to me done to me.  But hopefully my stylist will be able to lead me to the path of hair nirvana.

bye bye boring hair.  I love you, but I’m not in love with you.

I will post a picture up of the after 🙂 eeeee! im excited! cross your fingers for me and pray I don’t come out a monster

Embracing Mistakes – Lara June 4, 2010

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Mistakes.  Life is full of them.  What’s really important though, is not dwelling on mistakes, but learning from them and growing from them.  Though this post may have a double entendre for me, the mistake I am more willing to publicly announce is my new haircut.  hahaha.  So I went to the regular spot I go to in Milpitas for a quick trim for my bangs and to get my eyebrows fixed (because let’s face it, my eyebrows were atrocious) but I digress.

The mistake was not going to this particular salon, but allowing someone else to work on my bangs, and not only that, but not speaking up about what I wanted. UGH. So it’s my own fault that I was left with short straight across bangs and not thick side swept bangs.  But after the first snip it was too late.  Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to rock the new look until it grows out.  And bangs grow fast so I guess the change will be good for me.

So here’s to embracing mistakes and making it a better part of you! Rawr!


Meet Missy – Lara May 18, 2010

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I know I know, like Cathy said in her previous post, when it rains its pours and let me tell you ClosetCat readers, its been pouring lately in my life.  A little note – even in hard times, no scratch that, ESPECIALLY in hard times, its so much clearer the strength of family relationships and friendships.  Even in times of sorrow and hurt, my family manages to turn it into a positive growing experience.  I’ll just leave my personal life to that for now.

Anyways, I haven’t been blogging and for that my sincerest apologies.  I will dive in now and update you on the latest happenings in my life, the most recent being MY NEW LAPTOP!

Meet Missy, my new MSi Netbook!

Isn’t she pretty? 🙂  I won’t lie, it was a pretty spontaneous purchase.  Spontaneous meaning I was only at Fry’s Electronics because my car was in the shop across the street getting its tires changed and this happen to be on sale and the last one in stock.  It was one of those now or never type deals, and this time I chose now.

Now for a sneak peak at something new that will be entering one of my closets soon (also a pretty brown and just in time for the warm weather)

Marc by Marc Jacobs brown pinstripe shorts

The shorts feature a cute pinstripe detail as well as side button details.  When I saw these I knew I just had to snatch a pair for my ClosetCat readers.  And don’t worry, I got them at a steal of a price and will pass on the savings to you!  So remember to keep checking back at our store (www.ClosetCat.com) to see all our items up for sale!

GG – Lara March 16, 2010

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Soooo, I’m not sure I’ve made it known, but I absolutely adore Gossip Girl.  I wish I could say it was just purely to look at the clothes but I’m addicted to the story line and can’t wait for the next week to get more.  It’s kind of my guilty pleasure.  And as I was dutifully watching this week’s episode I couldn’t help but fall in love with Serena’s (Blake Lively) attire which can be seen below:

How cute right?  I love the pop of color mixed within all the neutrals.  Too bad it’s getting warm and that outfit seems unusable at the moment.  But I will tuck the idea back in my head for when the cold picks up again.

If you want to try to steal this look but for what I’m assuming is way less than what the Gossip Girl Fashion Director’s price.  Here are a few pieces that are wallet friendly.

Forever21 Fab Straight Leg Color Jean in Blue for $12.50

Alloy's Ashley Boot in Taupe Suede for $32.90

Forever21's Military Zip-Up Jacket in Grey for $22.80

Layer the above items with a grey shirt and some black gloves and a scarf you have laying around and Voila! Serena’s outfit for under 70 dollars! horrah! 🙂

Plain Black – Lara March 1, 2010

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Well hello there ClosetCat. How are things going for all of you?  I hope the first day of March was pleasant for all of you.  Can you believe it? March already! My how time flies!

Today I went shopping for something simple, yet lacking in my comfortable wardrobe.  Black sneakers.  Now usually when I go for my t-shirt and jeans combo on my days off, I can just throw on my black chucks, but alas, my 2nd pair of black chucks have entered and exited my life gracefully, and I find it proper to say farewell forever and move on to a new black shoe.

Walking around the mall with my beau, I never realized how hard it is to find a nice pair of comfortable, modest, yet cute black sneakers.  I left the mall a little disappointed without a new pair of shoes to claim a spot in my closet, but more determined to find myself a converse replacement.  But below are a few of my top choices.  What do you guys think?  Any suggestions or favorites from your own closets that I can borrow?  Any recommendations are welcome and much appreciated.

The Homer in Grey Herringbone w/ Black Cord

These were my first choice in shoes.  I found them online and they are made by the Keep Company.  I have two pairs of their shoes already and I absolutely adore them.  However both pairs I bought were in NY;  one in a small boutique and the other at urban outfitters.  Besides that I haven’t seen a pair in person in a long time 😦  And sadly enough the shoe above is sold out in my size on their website. *emo tear

Authentic Vans Originals in Black

A second choice that I’m leaning towards are the classic Vans.  It’s a safe shoe.  Understated.  Classic.  Simple.  I can dig it.

UO Canvas Leather Lace-ups

These are pretty simple too.  From Urban Outfitters, I kind of like the random laces, but I suppose I could change the laces of any shoe huh?

Searching for shoes makes me feel like all the shoes are starting to look the same, which was a reason why I couldn’t commit to any shoe today.  I want a simple shoe, but I still want it to be cute and different, does that make sense?? Ugh, now I’m confusing myself.  Goodnight my ClosetCats. 🙂


Time for Tea – Lara January 22, 2010

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I know I know, who am I again?  Sorry for disappearing for dayyyys.  New years was kind of a hectic time for me and the family.  Prior to new years my grandpa suffered from a stroke and was hospitalized, and after days in the hospital he passed away.  Don’t be sad though, he’s in a better place and I firmly believe that.

It was through this experience that I was shown the true support of family.  Once my lolo had passed family started flying in from all over the place –  Boston, Philippines, Ireland, etc. And at one point my brother did a head count of the people sleeping in my house and the total was 20.  Jeeze louise.  It truly was bittersweet.  The conditions under which everyone came together was terrible, but once they were all together it was nothing but laughs and reminiscing.

My lolo’s eulogy was nothing compared to the private eulogy we each had once we came home and were just reliving the past.  We shared private stories that made us laugh and remember.  We came together not only to mourn the death of a loved one, but to most importantly celebrate his life.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s about all you want to hear about that subject.  On to the here and now.

So today my best friends and I are going out for afternoon tea.  How amazing right?!  We’ve been dying to go since one of us passed by a tea place a few weeks ago, but trying to come up with a time that fits all of our schedules has been nearly impossible.  But the stars aligned this week and we have reservations for Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Campbell at 2:30.   I will be sure to take pictures and document our tea time and perhaps post the pictures tomorrow. 🙂 Until then, stay warm my ClosetCat readers!


Long Time No See – Lara December 14, 2009

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Hello My lovely ClosetCat readers.  So sorry for being MIA lately.  My life has been on hiatus for one reason or another, but i won’t bore you with those silly details of my life.  Let me instead focus on the good!  So yesterday was my 23rd birthday.  Eeeek.  So old (except not really hahaha).  With the current mess that my life is in I decided to keep it very low key this year.  I just had lunch with the parentals at a local restaurant, dinner with a few close friends, and board games and drinks for the rest of the night.  It was good clean wholesome fun – something I really needed.

As a recap of the rest of my week since I have been so terrible at keeping you guys updated, I currently had a secret santa gift exchange with my boyfriend and his school friends.  We drew names weeks ago and the parameters of this particular secret Santa were as follows:

-$20 max limit
– Stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, etc.

So I kept the shopping true to my heart and took my own advice for Secret Santa presents and got my Secret Santa a onsie from target as well as a button up.  Look at the joy I brought to his face:

Yeah, its space themed, and Yes, it glows in the dark.  Jealous much? Now that’s one satisfied gift receiver.  🙂  Hope all of your Secret Santa Exchanges are as successful as mine!

(Oh, and I got a Snuggie.  BOO-YEAH BABY!)


Yoga Mondays – Lara November 30, 2009

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How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  Good I hope.  I know I spent mine with family and loved ones all day way into the early morning hours.  It was good times to say the least.  But we all know what comes with Thanksgiving parties – the extra thanksgiving pounds.  Eeek.  I know I ate my fair share, so hitting the gym today was definitely on my to do list.  So today my best friend and I put our new gym memberships to good use.  Every Monday our local 24 Hour Fitness has yoga class from 5:30-6:30.  So my best friend, brother, and I went to go get our yoga on.  But prior to that, after eating lunch with the bff, we decided it would be in our best interest to buy our own yoga mats, seeing as how we will be attending the class every week and it just seems more sanitary for us to bring our own rather than use the gym provided ones.  I mean, you’re all up on those mats, who knows what its been through!  So we went to the sporting good store and bought our own mats 🙂  A sound investment.  Plus its more of a reason for us to HAVE to go now, since we’ve invested in it.  We bought basic blue mats, they were on sale for only $12.99.

But after going online and doing a little google search, I found some amazingly cute mats, who says you have to be plain while finding your center?

Gaiam "Tree of Life" Yoga Mat

Wai Lana "Peacock" Yoga & Pilates Mat

Here’s to not letting the holidays weigh us down (literally!)