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Kid Friendly – Shar April 3, 2010

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Last Saturday was Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.  Normally, this isn’t really something I tune in to watch – mostly because I get bored of awards shows after I’ve already checked out what everyone’s wearing.  But this time is different, and this is why:

You’ve probably heard of Justin Bieber.  He got his start in YouTube and got discovered there and is now a tween phenomena.  It looks like he’s paying it forward, which is amazing of him.  My cousin and his group, Legaci, have been doing covers on YouTube for a while now and they did a cover of Justin’s “Baby” which you can see here:


Anyway, Justin Bieber saw it, loved it, and is now taking them on tour with him!!  They’ve been on MTV, The View, Jay Leno, and – this I can’t wait for – they’ll be coming to DC to perform at the White House!

Oh right, back to Kids’ Choice Awards.  You can see them on the far left (they cut off Chris! = cousin)

I’m beyond excited for them!  Follow them on Twitter: @legacimusic

Anyway, as far as fashion goes, I thought it would also be particularly interesting to see what celebs wore the Kids’ Choice Awards because of the intended audience.  Because the show is specifically geared to kids, gone is the opportunity to wear something slinky or cut in strategic places, like many awards fashion often opt for.  Instead, many stars chose to go for a playful, approachable glamour:

Demi Lovato

Lea Michele

This one is runner up for my favorite look of the night:

Victoria Justice

And my favorite look of the night:

Selena Gomez

Good for these ladies for keeping a fresh image while staying tasteful…

Til’ next time! – Shar

Fashion for a Cause – Shar March 6, 2010

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…What do you think?  Simple, with a bit of flair.  Cute clutches…

What if I told you they’re fully eco-friendly?

And what if I told you that these clutches provide food, medicine, and clean water to impoverished communities in Honduras?

These clutches were introduced to Honduras when Students Helping Honduras, from the University of Mary Washington, taught the women of Siete de Abril, a squatter community, how to make new products out of recycled soda labels and chip bags:

With this new learned skill, the women from this community are able to sell these colorful bags and earn some much-needed income.  To broaden their impact even further, Students Helping Honduras approached their university’s bookstore to see if they can open up the market to the US.  This way, the families in Honduras didn’t have to rely solely on sales to volunteers and visitors to their neighborhoods.

I can’t begin to express how admirable and inspiring such stories are.  To find a way to create fun pieces that help our environment and help take care of families – I truly commend these students.  Makes you wonder what kind of skills we have that we think are random, but can actually make a difference.

For more information, or to find where to purchase one of these life-changing clutches: http://www.studentshelpinghonduras.org/node/334

Read Me – Shar February 27, 2010

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I will preface this post by saying that this has nothing to do with fashion.  Unless you consider space suits as part of current fashion.

But anyway, I thought I’d share this with our avid ClosetCat readers, especially for those of you who may be interested in what goes on in our lives outside of our fashion scoping.

Check out the latest featured writer of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space blog: http://blog.nasm.si.edu/  (If you’re reading this a few weeks later, the entry entitled Diversity in Air and Space.)

That’s me!  YAYYY!!!!!  Ugh, I’m so excited!  I’m particularly proud of having this piece published because if you scroll through the other entries, they’re very much science-infused (still very interesting, I might add).  Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to showcase some of the more visitor-centered inclinations of the museum.  I hope you enjoy reading it!  Let me know what you think…  I’d love to post pictures, but they may be copyrighted.  boo.

Okay, well to somehow tie this in with fashion… did you know that under the astronaut’s space suit, they wear a mesh body suit that has narrow tubes of water woven throughout the fabric?  It keeps their body temperature down.  AND, they also wear what they call a “Maximum Absorbency Garment.”  Care to guess what that really is?

The Coat Saga Ends – Shar February 8, 2010

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And just in time too!  For those of you who are regular news-watchers, you might have seen that DC had been absolutely pummeled by snow in the last few days.  AND!  It’s not over.  Round two begins tomorrow… great…

Anyway, for those readers who have been following us for a while, you may remember my endless griping about how I’ll be needing a decent coat.  Mission FINALLY accomplished!

Thanks to generous gift-givers over the holidays (and in some cases, the gift receipts that came with them) I have three new additions to my now-growing coat collection:

The Comfy All-Purpose One

The pretty, dressy one from Forever 21

The back of the 3rd one... couldn't find a better image. Oops

That’s it for now friends!  I think I’m in for another snow day.  I thought I’d be happy about it, but it turns out, I LOVE my internship =)

New Year, Fresh Start -Shar January 19, 2010

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I’m back in DC 🙂

And I just started my internship at the Air and Space Museum, which is going SO well.   I love it!

And my classes for this semester are looking very promising (I had to get a Twitter account for one class – @sharleente)

AND I just moved to a new place.  FINALLY…

So lots and lots of changes and new beginnings!  2010 is going to be great!

I’ve particularly found that moving is always exciting – although sometimes also stressful.  I love that period when you first move and you start “nesting,” that is, working things around so that you feel like you’ve created a space that is fully and inarguably yours.  Now, I’m just renting a room so my space-making is somewhat limited.  I’ll post those pictures up once I feel that this area is truly mine (I’m still working out the kinks and the blah spots).

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you what it WOULD look like, had I been blessed with my ideal location in the world and my ideal bank account:

Option One

Option Two

As you can see, I like my whites pristine and my woods rich, with a splash of accent colors here and there.  A view of the beach through the floor-to-ceiling windows would be icing on the cake.

This is where I sigh with longing and sign off until next time…

Stay tuned, Cathy’s sure to be regaling us with jealousy-inducing stories of her trip to the Philippines!

Inner Nerdiness – Shar December 17, 2009

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I have been MIA as well, I know, but I’ve been poring over books and research, then flew home to recuperate from it all. Man, this grad school business is tough…

But.  I’m in grad school because I’m a nerd.  I am.  There’s no point in denying it, really.

I’ve been reading voraciously since I was 5; I retain random bits of scientific facts; history intrigues me like no other; and math… okay, maybe I’m not the most well-rounded nerd…

Anyway, I like school.  It drives me haggard with the amount of work sometimes and I constantly make disgruntled declarations of my being fed up.  But honestly, I love the challenge and I love the learning.

And I LOVE writing.

There’s just something about a fresh, crisp, clean sheet of paper that both excites me with its promise and challenges me not to waste it.  (I suppose the same thing could be said about that blank, white Document1 on MS Word, but I feel like that blinking cursor is pressuring me to start typing whatever.)  So for creative, non-strictly-academic purposes, I like journals and notebooks – whatever their shape or size.  I do, however, had a bad habit of collecting notebooks because they’re pretty, but never quite filling them out before getting a new one.  Again, it might have something to do with that fresh promise of a new start.

Now, one of my non-nerdy loves in this world is shoes.  If I wasn’t acutely conscious of my status as a stereotypically broke college student, I’d have nothing to keep this budding shoe fetish in check.  It helped having two sisters because we’ve pretty much tripled our shoe choices at home by virtue of having the same shoe size.  Then, when I moved out, I constantly bemoaned the fact that my roommate had absolutely gorgeous shoes – but not the same size.  Dammit, Cathy… 😛

Anyway, here’s the connection.  How to merge the love of notebooks and the love of shoes.  I guess one way would be to write about it, which is essentially what I’m doing right now.


Check this out!  (Courtesy of my friend Eileen’s closet and her ridiculous collection of shoes)

Composition notebook shoes! For the nerdy but stylish schoolgirl

Some shoe  designer out there is a genius.

Under my Umbrella – Shar December 2, 2009

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Non. Stop. RAIN!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But, maybe 4 days out of the week rain. =(

I liked Cathy’s posts a few days back, urging us ladies to not let the droopy weather get us down. Rain should be no reason not to get all prettied up as usual.

I thought about this as I sludged down the street gripping my creaky 5-dollar umbrella from CVS. If we can spruce up our rain-weather wear to still look fresh, are there prettified umbrellas out there for those who’d like to accessorize to the hilt?

So I turned to trusty old Google, and guess who I found out has an umbrella fashion line???

Makes sense, ey? Ey. Ey… Hahaaaa, yes, that was lame, but I had to.

Anyway, I checked out some of her stuff, and they’re actually pretty cute, ritzy umbrellas:

Black gold sparkle

Black Satin with Fuschia

Silver Satin

Gold Sparkle - I like this one

Not too shabby… Maybe if I had something pretty to look at, like a sparkly gold umbrella, I wouldn’t mind the rain so much. Then again, that’s a trip and a fall waiting to happen…

Happy Thanksgiving! – Shar November 26, 2009

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It’s officially the holiday season!  Thanksgiving always kicks off the next month of family, fun, and food times for me.  This is when I start playing Christmas songs!  Here’s a secret for you: ten years later, and I’m still listening to Nsync’s Christmas album.  Don’t judge me.  Haha…

Anyway, moving on before that confession settles in.

Unfortunately, I won’t be home for Thanksgiving =(

I read a news article yesterday that said that much fewer people are opting to travel home this weekend because of the economy.  Sadly, I contribute to this statistic.

But!  As bummed as I am that I can’t be around my family and scoop up some of my aunt’s famous gravy, I am thankful for where I am.  This is an amazing opportunity for me to be studying here in DC among the best professionals in the business and among some of the most amazing museums in our country.  I’ve met some wonderful people along the way, and they help me make the most of it.

It also helps that like Lara accomplished a few posts ago, I’ve also found my holiday dress!

from H&M

from H&M

You might be thinking, hey Shar, you have no business shopping if you can’t scrounge up some money to go home.  And you’re right.  I am fully – if not painfully – aware of that, so when I saw and fell in love with this dress at H&M, I looked at it longingly and dutifully put it back and walked out the store.  And I patted myself on the back.

But by some miraculous intervention, my boyfriend chose that opportune moment to call me and ask what’s up.  Long story short, despite me insisting that I don’t NEED it, he ended up buying it for me as a very very belated birthday present.  Yay!  Another thing I’m grateful for.  Not just the dress, but more so the thoughtful bf.  =)

So we’ve seen Lara’s holiday dress, and now mine… Cathy your turn!  Haha…

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this very special day!  The three of us are thankful that you continue to check in with Closetcat!

Coats Galore – Shar November 22, 2009

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I’m sorry, I know I’ve been MIA.  School’s been… exceptionally challenging the past two weeks.  But!  My big project of the semester is pretty much done!  I took three 5th grade classes to the National Museum of American History where I taught them about technology and war.  Then, as a review I had them play a trivia game against their teacher.  I called it: Ms. —–,  Are You Smarter Than Your 5th Graders?  Fun stuff!

Aside from school, I’ve also started a new job!  Since I couldn’t intern both at the Air and Space Museum AND The Phillips Collection, I decided I still wanted the best of both worlds.  Soooo….. I’m interning at Air and Space next semester (SO EXCITED!) and I work part-time at The Phillips now.

Okay, so remember a few posts back, I was griping about what kind of coat to get for winter?

It seems that Someone up there had enough of my endless confusion and decided to help me out.  Yesterday, at work, I was assigned to work the Coat Check Room.  …What better way to check out what kinds of coats people wear than to literally check a bunch of coats in all day!  Haha… and here you thought my job was exciting.

No, but really, it came in handy.

Although it was none of my business, I couldn’t help but peek at the labels of the coats I’d be handling.  Of course, with The Phillips having a clientele base that’s a little more on the posh side, I saw a lot of designer names, so I won’t even bother with that.

Still a little on the high end side for me, but really pretty, were a few J.Crew coats like this one:

Also, I was really skeptical about down jackets being cute, but I saw a few that were totally doable:

And one red coat surprised me, because with all the spiffy names flying around me on these coats, I expected it to be on the pricey side.  But check it out:

From Old Navy!

So… just a few more paychecks and hopefully my next coat-related post would be about an actual purchase!

Til then!  Happy Thanksgiving Week!

WE’RE OPEN!!!!! www.ClosetCat.com November 11, 2009

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We’re absolutely excited and overwhelmed in being able to present to y’all our shop.


We hope you enjoy our offerings and are absolutely open to any suggestions you have for the growth of our community. Please come in to peruse and purchase.

We also have a twitter account and a facebook for more back to back interaction.

love – Cathy, Lara, & Shar