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Cathy’s Closet

Hi I’m Cathy.

My full name is Catherine Anne. I like the strength the fullness of it embodies. I have a cat named Hiccup and my boyfriend is Allan. He is the love of my life and makes me believe in forever. We love to shop – online, boutique stores, thrift stores, garage sales – anywhere.

I ride my cruiser bike weekly and love yoga. I’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit. I love to read and my main vice is magazine bulk buying. I currently have 6 subscriptions – but Giant Robot and In Style have been reading real well lately…


In my closet expect to see cute 9-5 work outfits, exciting reading material and fun jewelry. Comments are extremely welcome and happy blogging!


1. Kuya - October 28, 2009

Shaka, you have a cruiser bike? Shall wonders never cease!

You are ever my better half and eternally my reason for being. Congratulations to you and my other adings in getting this off the ground. It warms my heart to see you three coming together to pursue your shared dream.

2. karen siemens - November 12, 2009

Hey cous! You are my update on Facebook 🙂 I forwarded your site to Kev too, because I thought it was very inspiring! Love the videos!

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