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Michelle Obama’s Leading the Pack – Cathy May 17, 2010

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Hi lovelies,

First and foremost, I want to apologize for disappearing for a short while. A ton of things piled on me and I got lost in the blizzard of flus and life-happenings. When it rains it pours right?

But on to much more exciting things… Miss Sharleen just graduated from George Washington University this past weekend and she had the good fortune of family support and having the First Lady Michelle Obama give the commencement speech.  It’s been reported that she only agreed to speak if the staff and students were able to complete 100,000 hours of community service – and Shar and her graduating class inevitably rose to the occasion by surpassing the hour-mark by 63,000.

In reading parts of her speech online, I really liked how she said, “I have one more request to make of you, one more challenge. Keep going. Keep giving. Keep engaging.” It’s what every single commencement speech boils down to – don’t stop. It’s not as easy as it seems to focus on your goals after graduating. You don’t have teachers, counselors, mentors, and clubs available to you all the time acting as guideposts and cheerleaders along your path of personal development. You’ve got to ignite your own inner drive, focus on your dreams, and not have the fear of driving alone stunt your growth. Of course, Shar embodies all of that and more – so this is truly an exciting moment in her life journey. Congratulations again love!

On a fashion note, I love how down to earth the First Lady is about clothing. Her daily outfits are attainable (best J Crew spokesperson ever), comfortable, colorful, and relatively affordable.

Do you like how J Crew has taken advantage of her support on their website?


Kid Friendly – Shar April 3, 2010

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Last Saturday was Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.  Normally, this isn’t really something I tune in to watch – mostly because I get bored of awards shows after I’ve already checked out what everyone’s wearing.  But this time is different, and this is why:

You’ve probably heard of Justin Bieber.  He got his start in YouTube and got discovered there and is now a tween phenomena.  It looks like he’s paying it forward, which is amazing of him.  My cousin and his group, Legaci, have been doing covers on YouTube for a while now and they did a cover of Justin’s “Baby” which you can see here:


Anyway, Justin Bieber saw it, loved it, and is now taking them on tour with him!!  They’ve been on MTV, The View, Jay Leno, and – this I can’t wait for – they’ll be coming to DC to perform at the White House!

Oh right, back to Kids’ Choice Awards.  You can see them on the far left (they cut off Chris! = cousin)

I’m beyond excited for them!  Follow them on Twitter: @legacimusic

Anyway, as far as fashion goes, I thought it would also be particularly interesting to see what celebs wore the Kids’ Choice Awards because of the intended audience.  Because the show is specifically geared to kids, gone is the opportunity to wear something slinky or cut in strategic places, like many awards fashion often opt for.  Instead, many stars chose to go for a playful, approachable glamour:

Demi Lovato

Lea Michele

This one is runner up for my favorite look of the night:

Victoria Justice

And my favorite look of the night:

Selena Gomez

Good for these ladies for keeping a fresh image while staying tasteful…

Til’ next time! – Shar

No Shopping for 46 Days – Cathy April 1, 2010

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I gave up shopping for Lent.

Ok, disclaimer… I did purchase food as well as gardening goods. I know you’re thinking food is ok, but gardening goods?! My boyfriend gave me the same raised-eyebrows look you probably are. But, I gave myself this exception with the idea that we’re fortunate enough to live in a climate that allows early planting, so I should take advantage of it. And it’s only brought positivity in awareness of how we eat, what we eat, and more physical activity into my life. I recently canceled my gym membership and gardening has had me working my butt off daily with watering, weeding, planning, and planting.

Forty-six sweaty days later (really), this Sunday ushers in the end of Lent. Initially, I thought I’d celebrate by speeding to the closest mall to reward myself with a Spring white mini-dress. But as Sunday approaches, I realize that my desires have changed. The days of planting in the sun have brought me outdoors to cherish  watering  my plants and walking my cat. I’ve been inspired by color combinations in my garden (pale silver, purple, and white from my lavender if you’re wondering). All the time outdoors has also influenced my first purchase to probably be a pair of orange crocs – cue gasps. =) Most importantly, it’s given me more still-time to reflect on ClosetCat and pursue how we want to grow.

Our ClosetCat blog and our online shop have been such a positive aspect of our lives. It’s thrilling to share our posts with y’all, read other blogs, and create an interactive online shop filled with our clothes and stories.

Whether this Sunday brings to you a chocolate rabbit, an overindulgence of an old habit, or a lazy day, I hope some of it is spent outdoors and soaking in your surroundings.

love love love, Cathy.

London Fashion Show- Lindsey March 24, 2010

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Okay, I know what your probably thinking- Lindsey’s going to a fashion show in London, England?! No, London Canada!
It`s being hosted in one of our top Ivy League Universities, Western. What`s great about this show is that all the proceeds go to the Children s Health Foundation, specifically the Childs Life Fund. This year is their 12th annual Caisa Fashion show, so obviously this is going to be top notch way better then the previous years. Another great thing is the models are all students from the University. It brings unity, makes you get to know a lot of other students and it`s all for a great cause.

“Over the course of the year, our team of over a hundred executive members, choreographers, and models commit countless hours to put together an amazing show for a great cause. The show will feature the talents of numerous Western students such as choreography, talent acts, and innovative fashion designs.“

This is my first time going, so I`m not sure what to expect. However, from what I hear it`s going to be quite the night. I`ve also been freaking out on what I should wear to the show and the after party. Freaking out so much that i wasted 60$ at Nordstrom on a shirt that I`m no longer going to wear cause i found a similar shirt at H&M for a cheaper price…

Anyway the look I`m trying to pull off for the show is:
1) A long white button up tunic

2) A long white undershirt, since the tunic is see through
3) Tights with designs on them Purchased at Urban Outfitters for $14

4) A waist belt, which i might still have to purchase if nothing in my closet looks good.
5) Silver criss cross heals $45, and accessories $15. Purchased at Aldo!

I kind of want to wear a hat, but then I don`t want to get hat hair for the after party… Ahh soo stressful, but so far the outfit is looking good. I`m wearing the same outfit that i did for my birthday, and this time I`m taking numerous pictures I Promise! I`ll be carrying a camera with me everywhere I go.  The shoes that I`ll be wearing for the After Party are from Aldo as well! I splurged.

I`m addicted…

Anyways the Show is this weekend! I`m soooo pumped! haha

signing out- Lindsey

GG – Lara March 16, 2010

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Soooo, I’m not sure I’ve made it known, but I absolutely adore Gossip Girl.  I wish I could say it was just purely to look at the clothes but I’m addicted to the story line and can’t wait for the next week to get more.  It’s kind of my guilty pleasure.  And as I was dutifully watching this week’s episode I couldn’t help but fall in love with Serena’s (Blake Lively) attire which can be seen below:

How cute right?  I love the pop of color mixed within all the neutrals.  Too bad it’s getting warm and that outfit seems unusable at the moment.  But I will tuck the idea back in my head for when the cold picks up again.

If you want to try to steal this look but for what I’m assuming is way less than what the Gossip Girl Fashion Director’s price.  Here are a few pieces that are wallet friendly.

Forever21 Fab Straight Leg Color Jean in Blue for $12.50

Alloy's Ashley Boot in Taupe Suede for $32.90

Forever21's Military Zip-Up Jacket in Grey for $22.80

Layer the above items with a grey shirt and some black gloves and a scarf you have laying around and Voila! Serena’s outfit for under 70 dollars! horrah! 🙂

Product Love, Korres – Cathy March 10, 2010

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Hello lovelies…

I wanted to do a mini-rave for Korres makeup. I was scavenging Sephora recently and came across this lovely brand – Korres. Granted it’s not a recent brand (it started in ’96), it’s a new brand to me. In my defense, the only store they have in the US is in NY’s Soho district. Though luckily it’s in Sephora and you have the option to purchase them directly from Korres online.

On my hunt for an everyday all-day lipstick I met my lipstick life-partner in Natural Purple, #25. It complements my tan/light olive complexion perfectly. It’s sheer, moisturizing, and has a light SPF. I couldn’t be more pleased.

They make it clear in their presentation and packaging that they strive to use natural ingredients and are very eco-friendly. And you’ve got to love a company that lists the following as their values…

  • 1.Naturally derived, top quality active ingredients.
  • 2.Clinically tested effectiveness with no inflated promises.
  • 3.Pleasing to the senses.
  • 4.Reasonably priced to enable everyday use.

I am definitely a fan. Below is an interesting table they have on their site listing the typically used chemicals in makeup, and what natural ingredients they use instead. Ciao ciao!

WonderLand of Alice – Lindsey March 8, 2010

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So I watched Alice in Wonderland opening night. Goodness gravy were the lines ever long. We bought the tickets 3 hours prior to the movie and figured we might as well roam the mall while we wait. We got back an hour and a half later, and already the line reached almost to the back of the theater. Lucky for us, we still got pretty good seats.
The movie all in all wasn’t that bad. I personally think Tim Burton should have left it as a cartoon that way he could really capture the essence and create anything with his imagination. However, what really caught my attention were the many dresses that Alice wore.

It was hard trying to find all the dresses since the movie just came out Friday, but I’m pretty much in love with all of them. The style is somewhat similar to Vivienne Westwood, one of my favorite designers.

Regarding a past post- the dress that I wore for my birthday was FANTASTIC!  I’ll wear it to another event hopefully sometime in the near future. Sadly no one carried a camera with them downtown that night… I was very upset…

I’m very flattered that there was a discount for the shop in honor of my birthday! Too bad no one in the ClosetCat crew is turning 50 or 75 cause then that would be a DEAL that even I would take advantage of!

Hope everyone’s weekend was great!
Write to you next week!


Fashion for a Cause – Shar March 6, 2010

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…What do you think?  Simple, with a bit of flair.  Cute clutches…

What if I told you they’re fully eco-friendly?

And what if I told you that these clutches provide food, medicine, and clean water to impoverished communities in Honduras?

These clutches were introduced to Honduras when Students Helping Honduras, from the University of Mary Washington, taught the women of Siete de Abril, a squatter community, how to make new products out of recycled soda labels and chip bags:

With this new learned skill, the women from this community are able to sell these colorful bags and earn some much-needed income.  To broaden their impact even further, Students Helping Honduras approached their university’s bookstore to see if they can open up the market to the US.  This way, the families in Honduras didn’t have to rely solely on sales to volunteers and visitors to their neighborhoods.

I can’t begin to express how admirable and inspiring such stories are.  To find a way to create fun pieces that help our environment and help take care of families – I truly commend these students.  Makes you wonder what kind of skills we have that we think are random, but can actually make a difference.

For more information, or to find where to purchase one of these life-changing clutches: http://www.studentshelpinghonduras.org/node/334

Fashion Muse – Marchesa Casati – Cathy March 3, 2010

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Decadent. Extreme. Exotic. Inspiring. Frightening. But in a good way…

Marchesa Casati was a woman who knew no boundaries, and was intimidated by nothing. She lived from 1881-1957, and her life journey would still be characterized as crazy or extreme in today’s setting. Seemingly, everything from her stunning appearance to her lavish lifestyle was intense.

“Her appearance made her a legend throughout the continent. She was tall and thin. A thick blaze of flame-coloured hair crowned her pale, almost cadaverously white face with its sensually vermilioned lips. Above all, however, the Marchesa’s large green eyes cast the strongest spell of her unique beauty.” -http://www.marchesacasati.com/bio.html

She’s most notorious for gilding her male servants, wearing snakes as jewelry, and having wax mannequins seated at her dinner table as guests. Though her crazy antics are what catch your attention, we can’t let this discredit her amazing patronage of the arts.

“Many of their careers first obtained recognition through her generous patronage, and this often included a valuable friendship or romantic affair. Casati’s tireless pursuit of the vanguard in everything would allow her to satisfy an endless yearning for novel experiences and fresh audiences. So while many bejewelled but less inventive doyennes of the Belle Époque eventually found themselves trapped within a dead age, the Marchesa explored the newest and most radical artistic terrains of the early twentieth century.”


She domesticated monkeys and snakes, and was well-known for walking her pet cheetah on a diamond-studded leash around town. She took on male and female lovers alike, and has endlessly inspired notable artists throughout history – Coco Chanel, Dali, Man Ray, Dita Von Teese, Cartier (ring from Panther collection below), and Jack Kerouac among many others.

Dita Von Teese said to Venus Zine:

““I am always inspired by eccentric women like The Marchesa Casati, Anna Piaggi, and Isabella Blow,” she says. “I love courageous women of style, women who didn’t care what people said about the way they dressed or wore their makeup.”

Her epic life, and accompanying wardrobe, has inspired many throughout history. With her lure living on (even to the most recent 2010 Chanel resort collection – photo above), you would never have guessed she died penniless in London. As her gravestone quotes Shakespeare, “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety.”

Plain Black – Lara March 1, 2010

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Well hello there ClosetCat. How are things going for all of you?  I hope the first day of March was pleasant for all of you.  Can you believe it? March already! My how time flies!

Today I went shopping for something simple, yet lacking in my comfortable wardrobe.  Black sneakers.  Now usually when I go for my t-shirt and jeans combo on my days off, I can just throw on my black chucks, but alas, my 2nd pair of black chucks have entered and exited my life gracefully, and I find it proper to say farewell forever and move on to a new black shoe.

Walking around the mall with my beau, I never realized how hard it is to find a nice pair of comfortable, modest, yet cute black sneakers.  I left the mall a little disappointed without a new pair of shoes to claim a spot in my closet, but more determined to find myself a converse replacement.  But below are a few of my top choices.  What do you guys think?  Any suggestions or favorites from your own closets that I can borrow?  Any recommendations are welcome and much appreciated.

The Homer in Grey Herringbone w/ Black Cord

These were my first choice in shoes.  I found them online and they are made by the Keep Company.  I have two pairs of their shoes already and I absolutely adore them.  However both pairs I bought were in NY;  one in a small boutique and the other at urban outfitters.  Besides that I haven’t seen a pair in person in a long time 😦  And sadly enough the shoe above is sold out in my size on their website. *emo tear

Authentic Vans Originals in Black

A second choice that I’m leaning towards are the classic Vans.  It’s a safe shoe.  Understated.  Classic.  Simple.  I can dig it.

UO Canvas Leather Lace-ups

These are pretty simple too.  From Urban Outfitters, I kind of like the random laces, but I suppose I could change the laces of any shoe huh?

Searching for shoes makes me feel like all the shoes are starting to look the same, which was a reason why I couldn’t commit to any shoe today.  I want a simple shoe, but I still want it to be cute and different, does that make sense?? Ugh, now I’m confusing myself.  Goodnight my ClosetCats. 🙂