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Sweet Smells & Sweet Thoughts SUCCESS! – Lara October 3, 2009

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I hope everyone’s weekend is going lovely thus far.  Just a quick update on my fragrance shopping,  I went back to the mall on thursday with my besties just to make a few returns and browse.  And as I made my way around the Benefit counter to look at the fun cosmetics, I went to put on Maybe Baby, the fragrance I was leaning towards (This was after smelling the other two scents and being less impressed by both).

When the kind sales associate asked me if I needed help, I asked for a bottle of Maybe Baby to test and she informed me that it was discontinued.  I wanted to cry.  Luckily, she said B-Spot was still available, so, it being my only choice, I sprayed some on me to make sure it wasn’t the scent that gave me a headache when I had both scents on.  The associate also informed me that I had to pick up a bottle soon, because they were discontinuing this scent as well. WHAT THE HECK MAN!

So I came back to the mall today and bought a bottle of B-Spot after figuring out that it wasn’t this scent that gave me a headache and with the boyfriend’s approval.  The only thing that makes me sad is the fact that once this bottle is gone, the hunt for a good fragrance will start again.  But until then. . .

Bspot“A fruity floral fragrance that is a sensual combo of lush mango, peony, sandalwood and amber. Spray on to awaken your most seductive pulse points!”

A Night Out With The Mister – Lara September 28, 2009

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So last week, I believe it was Thursday, my boyfriend sprung on me last minute the task of finding a club outfit in a half hour span.  Originally he told me that his friends wanted to hang out that night at a karaoke bar, only to have it change into a downtown club hopping night last second.  Now, I don’t know about you, but my attire for a karaoke bar is very much different from my club attire.  Strapped for an outfit, I raided my room for something (I need very much to go shopping because I feel I have outgrown many of the items that occupy my closet).  I need more versatile pieces – pieces that can go from day to night with simple accessory changes.  Below is the outfit I put together.

my outfit

I went with a one shouldered basic black top, distressed light skinny jeans, a black clutch and gold flats.  The outfit was simple, comfortable, and most of all cute!  I dressed up the one shouldered top with a charm necklace and fixed the face with my necessities.

First I started with Benefit’s Benetint, a lip stain, and layered that with Burt’s Bees lip balm, both of which I use religiously.  I’m not big on makeup so simple black eyeliner to make the eyes pop and I was set!

And there you have it, my quick club attire!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Smells & Sweet Thoughts – Lara September 17, 2009

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So I ran out of perfume and now I have the task of trying to figure out whether I want to try out a new scent or stick to my original.  If I choose to try a new scent, I’m met with the daunting task of finding that “perfect scent”.  This entails going to the store, smelling various perfumes, choosing my favorites, and spraying them on opposing writs.  Then I spend the day wearing said scents to see if it’s a long term love or one of those scents that give me a head ache after prolonged wear.

Of course I could always stick to the scent I ran out of, but what’s the fun in that?

So the scent I ran out of is the Nanette Lepore Fragrance, and to be honest, the thing that drew me to this scent in the first place was the bottle.

Nanette Lepore

The scent is sweet with white peach and white cranberry juices and has notes of orange jasmine, Persian lime nectar, and black currant.  And once the fragrance sets, incomes the violet petals!  Super girly, super fun, and just makes me feel good when I put it on.

A few scents that have tickled my fancy are:

Maybe BabyBspot

Benefit’s Maybe Baby and B Spot.  However, when I put both on opposing wrists one gave me a headache.  Now I have to figure out which one it was.

But I still want to try Michael Kors’ Very Hollywood and Marc Jacobs’ Lola.  According to Sephora, both have a sweet floral scents and I loveee florals!

Michael KorsMarcJacobs

Or maybe it’s just the fun bottles that peak my interest.