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Sex with Kings – Shar September 23, 2009

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…is the title of the book I’m reading now.  Haha… sorry, this won’t be one of those torrid blog entries you may read in other sites.  We are classy ladies after all.


This crazy good read goes into the countless sexcapades of European monarchs throughout history – particularly the things that transpired between men and their mistresses – not their missus.  In one book, you run the gamut not only of famous ladies in history (from David’s Bathsheba to Prince Charles’ Camilla Parker-Bowles) but also of emotional responses, from mirth, to scandal, to empowerment.  And, told by a woman who is a descendant of several royal families – in fact, she can trace her roots all the way to Eleanor of Aquitaine – the book is as cheeky with its insider details as it is informative.

I’ve always had such romantic notions of kings and queens, princes and princesses – I grew up watching Disney movies! – and this book does an uproarious job of squashing my sparkling ideals as it talks about obese kings and the women they’d bed then behead.

Still, wish I had a reason to wear something like this…


…Halloween is coming up I suppose…

Welcome Shar September 2, 2009

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My friends call me Shar.

I write often, but have never kept an actual blog. So here goes…

I’m 25 years old and a college graduate with a BA in Literature and a minor in History. I’ve found that I’m drawn irresistibly to the world of academia and have long ignored the more practical fields (I still suspect my family is disappointed I didn’t choose medicine or business). In any case, books had always been my first love, and I decided to remain faithful.

In my two years between degrees (currently in DC working on my Masters in Museum Education), I have worked in both the travel and museum industries. What I love about both is that they offer you the chance to expand your comfort zone and expose yourself to worlds apart from yours. Across time and across the globe, different fashions, cuisines, art, architecture, music and literature will each tell you a different story about the people who use those outlets to express themselves. And any interaction with these stories allow you to see the world differently and so allow you to recreate yourself. These stories and expressions of self are what I mean to collect and share with you.