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Thrifting Thursday – Lara October 15, 2009

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Hello my lovelies!  Sorry for the delay in the post, my Thrifting Thursday was quite the busy day!  And also my laptop and camera are going crazy and decided to break on me.  😦 But I was able to find the item I picked up today online so I don’t even need to take a picture of it.   But when my camera is fixed I will definitely snap a few pictures for all to see!

So I kind of headed out today looking for a clutch (again I know, but I just love them so much) because I saw a clutch the day before at Marshalls for about $10 that I loved but for some strange reason I talked myself out of buying it (silly me!).  And now, remorseful I was on the lookout for a better buy.  Even though I didn’t find the item I was looking for, I did stumble upon this:

Super cute!  I love cardigans and this Kenneth Cole  roll sleeve coral cardigan was a steal at only $16 (compared to the original price tag of $79).  I think what caught my eye about the sweater was the color.  With the bright coral I feel like I can pair this with a black top, some jeans, and maybe some boots and I will be all set! Remember that just because the weather is getting dreary, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to!  Happy Thifting!

Fall’s Finally Here! – Cathy September 29, 2009

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Just last week, the end of my air-conditioned work days led me to my 100 degree home. As of yesterday it has been a brisk 80 degrees! That may not sound so cold in comparison to the East, but I’ll take it!

Usher in the cardigans! Bring on the tights! Dust off the boots!
I am a fan.

In celebration I was going to get this cardigan (on sale!) at Banana Republic. It’s fitted and longer so it would look great over a dress or jeans with boots.


Some fun tights to try. I usually fall on the classic black opaque side of the tights fence but these look like a fun stepping stone. Note the single bow on the backs.


And I know Ugg’s cast people in the love/hate categories. I myself was deep in the Ugg-ly hate category until I saw these boots on a girl in Crossroads. I’ve crossed over to feel the love.


I think it was around this time 2-3 years ago that my roomie Shar and I took up knitting. I have the best memories of us sitting on our lil’ futon watching the Fall tv lineup knitting away. It’s perfect for the season AND those wooden knitting needles are allowed on planes.

And just because… (mine’s in the kitchen)


Good day!

Comfy Cozy Cardigans & Being Grown Up – Lara September 15, 2009

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So job searching has been everything but fun. I spend at least one day a week at the library with my best friend studying for the GMATs, sending out my resume, and working on my blog as she takes practice LSAT tests (we’re women with goals!). We like to call this day our “Grown up day”. We wake up, get some food in our system, and work the day away. At the end I always feel a sense of accomplishment (this is compared to my usual days of sleeping in until way past morning and just lounging around the house with the bf).

Regardless of what I may be doing, I always wanted a sweater I could use for various occasions like going to the library, or just bumming it around the house. Something comfy cozy but not sloppy. And lately these have been catching my eye.

Nordstrom Cardigan

This is an oversized open front cardigan at Nordstrom. I love how it’s slouchy and comfortable looking and makes you look cute without looking like you’re trying too hard. Nordstrom sells this one for $48. A sound investment if you ask me (I would throw this thing over every outfit once it starts to get chilly).

Another item I love layering with, VESTS!

ModCloth vest
And this one which is found at Modcloth is super cute! With the vest being lightweight you can layer it over a dress in the summer or use it over jeans and a graphic tee for the fall. I just love the crochet look!

Neiman Marcus

But how amazingly comfortable does this bad boy look?? UGH I want it for the winter. Slip that on while you’re at home, coffee in hand, and curl up with a nice book. . . HEAVEN. I’m salivating just thinking about it. But I am snapped back to reality when I read the price tag of $385. Oh Neiman Marcus, why do you toy with my emotions?

With my limited budget I guess I’m better off just buying a snuggie and turning it backwards. 😛