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Lonny Magazine = Remedy to Missing Domino Magazine – Cathy November 18, 2009

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Lonny Magazines Premiere Issue

Yeah!!!!! Domino Magazine was my favorite home design magazine while it lasted. Luckily, the emptiness is no more with the online Lonny magazine (and by keeping all my old Dominos). =)


p.s. Click here for a cute comic on cat facts by “The Oatmeal” contributed by my cousin Jonathan. Grazia!

Thrifting Thursday – Cathy October 9, 2009

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Hey y’all,

To keep up the spirit of Thrifting Thursday I wanted to share with y’all one of my favorite thrifting finds -my desk lamp! That’s my baby Hiccup modeling it.

I found it about a year ago and it’s been lighting up my office desk ever since. It was in mint condition when I got it and I have had no complaints. It was only $9. WOO! I went to Target the next day to find a lampshade for it and what do I find next to the lampshades? My lamp for nearly 4 times the price I paid. Thank goodness for thrifting.


btw. Sorry for the late post. I was working an event last night and have been totally wrapped up in it for the past few days. Click on the LA Times Photo below for more photos of the historic night! Here’s to pink carpets, free community events, gala dresses, and sleepy cats that greet you at the door at 2am.

Dudamel Gala

Dudamel Gala


… and in total Where’s Waldo fashion, I just found myself randomly in this pic. Can you see me? haha. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-gustavo-dudamel2-pano,0,1437463.htmlstory

If you need a hint… I’m wearing blue. Good luck.

Fall’s Finally Here! – Cathy September 29, 2009

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Just last week, the end of my air-conditioned work days led me to my 100 degree home. As of yesterday it has been a brisk 80 degrees! That may not sound so cold in comparison to the East, but I’ll take it!

Usher in the cardigans! Bring on the tights! Dust off the boots!
I am a fan.

In celebration I was going to get this cardigan (on sale!) at Banana Republic. It’s fitted and longer so it would look great over a dress or jeans with boots.


Some fun tights to try. I usually fall on the classic black opaque side of the tights fence but these look like a fun stepping stone. Note the single bow on the backs.


And I know Ugg’s cast people in the love/hate categories. I myself was deep in the Ugg-ly hate category until I saw these boots on a girl in Crossroads. I’ve crossed over to feel the love.


I think it was around this time 2-3 years ago that my roomie Shar and I took up knitting. I have the best memories of us sitting on our lil’ futon watching the Fall tv lineup knitting away. It’s perfect for the season AND those wooden knitting needles are allowed on planes.

And just because… (mine’s in the kitchen)


Good day!

Pet Basket for Sally Schwinn, my bike – Cathy September 11, 2009

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I have lived in Southern California for the past seven years and I haven’t gotten bit by the beach bug until a few weeks ago. I now love love love going to the beach. We (Allan and I) were celebrating our 4-year anniversary (yeah!) and he planned this lovely beach day (complete with new matching bikes) that has made me want to spend my weekends no where else.

Me and Sally
Me and Sally en route from Santa Monica to Venice.
Allan & me on a night out.
Allan & me on a night out.

There’s one thing that was missing though – our cat Hiccup. So I got to thinking about finding a bike basket that can hold our lil’ one. These are the top two I want to test.

Snoozer Pet Bike Basket
Snoozer Pet Bike Basket $50-$65. Measurements are 13 L x 10” D x 9” H. This holds pets up to 14 lbs.

This one is adorable! It has lots of side pockets, a built-in rain poncho for your pup/kitty and folds flat. A con I’ve read about is that it tends to sway back and forth slightly and it only comes in gray and pink. 

Tagalong Pet Basket
Tagalong Pet Basket $50-$75. Dimensions are 13.5″L x 10″W x 10.5″H, and it weighs 6 lbs. For pets up to 13 lbs.

What’s nice about this one is that it comes with a removable overhead shade and also has some external pockets. It has an adjustable bracket that will fit on any bike – no matter the handlebar style. A con is that this only comes in silver.

It also comes in Wicker.
It also comes in Wicker. ~$75 Measures larger at 15”L x 11”W x 9.5”H and weighs 4 lbs. For pets up to 13 lbs.

After all the searching, we tested her in my plain jane white wire basket and she just kept jumping out. She’s not a fan of movement. She’s a super quiet cat and only riles up a meow of agony in the car, and apparently ok with jumping out of my bike basket if it means no more moving. I might try again later with something like the Snoozer that envelops her in so she feels more snug and safe. Until then, I hope these can help someone else’s pet basket search.