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Fall Cleaning – Cathy August 20, 2010

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My new book that’s ushering me into fall is , When Organizing Isn’t Enough SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

First off, S.H.E.D. stands for:

Separate the treasures. Heave the trash. Embrace your identity. Drive yourself forward.

It’s about consciously changing your state of living and your state of mind. There are 4 case studies referred to throughout the book and exercises to help you along your path to self discovery. The first is naming your theme. A theme for your current phase of life and a theme for your future. My current theme is: New Beginnings. For starting this site, moving, working in LA, and so much more. My future theme is going to be: Engaged. This is for focusing my attention on all these things I started. To be in the moment and zero in on my main projects. I’m not too far in, but I like where it’s heading.



Fall’s Finally Here! – Cathy September 29, 2009

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Just last week, the end of my air-conditioned work days led me to my 100 degree home. As of yesterday it has been a brisk 80 degrees! That may not sound so cold in comparison to the East, but I’ll take it!

Usher in the cardigans! Bring on the tights! Dust off the boots!
I am a fan.

In celebration I was going to get this cardigan (on sale!) at Banana Republic. It’s fitted and longer so it would look great over a dress or jeans with boots.


Some fun tights to try. I usually fall on the classic black opaque side of the tights fence but these look like a fun stepping stone. Note the single bow on the backs.


And I know Ugg’s cast people in the love/hate categories. I myself was deep in the Ugg-ly hate category until I saw these boots on a girl in Crossroads. I’ve crossed over to feel the love.


I think it was around this time 2-3 years ago that my roomie Shar and I took up knitting. I have the best memories of us sitting on our lil’ futon watching the Fall tv lineup knitting away. It’s perfect for the season AND those wooden knitting needles are allowed on planes.

And just because… (mine’s in the kitchen)


Good day!