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Embracing Mistakes – Lara June 4, 2010

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.
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Mistakes.  Life is full of them.  What’s really important though, is not dwelling on mistakes, but learning from them and growing from them.  Though this post may have a double entendre for me, the mistake I am more willing to publicly announce is my new haircut.  hahaha.  So I went to the regular spot I go to in Milpitas for a quick trim for my bangs and to get my eyebrows fixed (because let’s face it, my eyebrows were atrocious) but I digress.

The mistake was not going to this particular salon, but allowing someone else to work on my bangs, and not only that, but not speaking up about what I wanted. UGH. So it’s my own fault that I was left with short straight across bangs and not thick side swept bangs.  But after the first snip it was too late.  Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to rock the new look until it grows out.  And bangs grow fast so I guess the change will be good for me.

So here’s to embracing mistakes and making it a better part of you! Rawr!