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The One That Got Away – Lara October 5, 2009

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So it’s starting to get a little chillier as the day wears on.  At night I always find myself wishing I brought a jacket with me.  It’s not time for a winter coat just yet, the days are still quite warm, but I do want something light, but thick enough to keep the cold night air away.    I kind of want a leather jacket.  Odd?  I think it’s quite a staple to have.  Something that most people should have just to have you know? And when I think of leather jackets, I’m reminded of the one that got away.  Last year, I had placed on my birthday wish list this jacket:


Made by WeSC, it is a, “soft leather jacket with drawcord collar and brushed bronze hardware details; snap buttons over zipper; 2 pockets; elasticized cuffs and hem; 100% cotton lining; 100% Lambs Nappa leather shell.”  Translation?  Heaven in a jacket.

I was drawn to the color, the simple cut and design, and just the unique look.  Oh it would have made a great addition to my closet! But alas, it was $428 at the time and would have bankrupt my account.  So I let her go.  😦

So I have been looking out for a different jacket, something with a similar look and feel that perhaps could join my leather-jacketless closet.  And taking a look around, these pretty little numbers have caught my eye.


I found this one at Nordstrom.  I love the grey color of this one.  I kind of want to steer clear from black but at the same time black is so timeless that I don’t.  Haha I know I’m a mess to shop with!  Also, this particular jacket is faux leather for those of you want the leather look without the actual leather.


This one I found at Guess and I like because it can easily be an every night out jacket.  It’s one of those jackets I could throw in my boyfriend’s car and keep it there so whenever we go out and I get cold, it would be there to save the day!  The inside cotton grey lining is also a great touch!


This one seems less practical, it being super expensive and only being three quarter sleeve, but its just so darn cute! I love the color and the off center zipper.  It can be found here but there’s only medium sizes left.  I’m sure if I looked around more though I could find more. . .

Oh decisions, decisions!  Suggestions anyone?

Comfy Cozy Cardigans & Being Grown Up – Lara September 15, 2009

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So job searching has been everything but fun. I spend at least one day a week at the library with my best friend studying for the GMATs, sending out my resume, and working on my blog as she takes practice LSAT tests (we’re women with goals!). We like to call this day our “Grown up day”. We wake up, get some food in our system, and work the day away. At the end I always feel a sense of accomplishment (this is compared to my usual days of sleeping in until way past morning and just lounging around the house with the bf).

Regardless of what I may be doing, I always wanted a sweater I could use for various occasions like going to the library, or just bumming it around the house. Something comfy cozy but not sloppy. And lately these have been catching my eye.

Nordstrom Cardigan

This is an oversized open front cardigan at Nordstrom. I love how it’s slouchy and comfortable looking and makes you look cute without looking like you’re trying too hard. Nordstrom sells this one for $48. A sound investment if you ask me (I would throw this thing over every outfit once it starts to get chilly).

Another item I love layering with, VESTS!

ModCloth vest
And this one which is found at Modcloth is super cute! With the vest being lightweight you can layer it over a dress in the summer or use it over jeans and a graphic tee for the fall. I just love the crochet look!

Neiman Marcus

But how amazingly comfortable does this bad boy look?? UGH I want it for the winter. Slip that on while you’re at home, coffee in hand, and curl up with a nice book. . . HEAVEN. I’m salivating just thinking about it. But I am snapped back to reality when I read the price tag of $385. Oh Neiman Marcus, why do you toy with my emotions?

With my limited budget I guess I’m better off just buying a snuggie and turning it backwards. 😛