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Halloween Improv – Shar November 1, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Shar.
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It was Halloween this weekend!  Fun times…

Now of course, Halloween =  costumes!  It’s a fun tradition that I haven’t really observed in the past few years.  But, being on a college campus again, I got to see a wide range of craziness.  I know some people take this holiday very seriously and go all out in their outfits: beautiful witches, horrifying murder victims, scandalous devils, … and I saw Spongebob.  Haha…

However, I know some other people who are simply broke college students and can’t quite bring themselves to drop money on clothes they’ll probably only wear once.  Yes, I am one of these people.

And this is where improvisation comes in handy.

I looked at what clothes I already have and tried to see what I can conjure up without having to spend anything.  Since I own a lot of clubbing/urban stuff, I thought – the hell with it – I’ll just go as someone in a dance crew.  But, no, too regular.  Next, I tried to fashion a toga out of a long white pashmina I have, but it didn’t fold quite right.  Then I realized, I have all these other scarves, why not just wear them all and be a harem dancer?   So with a little creativity, voila! a costume:


(Forgive the Myspace-style picture, there was no one else around to take it.)

So, I invite you to take a 2nd look at your clothes – or the ones in our closets! – and see what new angles you might not have thought of and how else might you wear them.

Keep checking back for the debut of the website!  See how you can use our stuff to complement your stuff…  learn how to mix it up a little 🙂