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Sandal Scandal – Lara September 24, 2009

Posted by ClosetCat in Lara.
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So making good on my boyfriend’s birthday present of a shopping spree, we were walking into the mall on Tuesday, and we are literally steps from the entrance, when low and behold, Louis snags the heel of my sandal and RIP! Off comes my whole left sandal, stripped from my foot.  We stood there, close to the entrance glancing from my now naked foot, to the entrance, to my foot, to the entrance, until we giggled with the craziness of it all and our luck.

I went back to his car, where he had an extra pair of flip flops (his, which meant me stomping around in flip flops that were sizes too big).  We then made our way from store to store trying to find myself some suitable footwear.

I ended up just walking to Old Navy and buying a pair of flip flops for $3.50 as a quick fix so we could get back to our original mission for being at the mall – buying the boyfriend whatever his heart desires! (Which ended up being this button up plaid shirt and a hat from Metropark).

And so begins my search for new sandals. But first. . .

$8 random street shop sandals, may you rest in peace.  You will be big shoes to fill, with your cute straps and super low price, replacing you seems impossible ( I found the exact same sandals at Sheikh but they were $29.97, and after originally paying only $8 I couldn’t bring myself to buy another pair.)

I have scoped out a few sandals I like, but fit is key so I need to either commit to buying them online and praying for a foot-sandal love connection, or I can venture out into the mall again in hopes that I find these so I can try them out .

First up, Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Contributor By Rachel Comey Sandal.  I like how these are super simple and has somewhat the same shape as my previous sandals.  It also look easy to slip on and off, and I’m all types of down for comfort and simplicity.  These run for $39.99 (on sale original price of $58).


Next, Shiekh’s Mandalay Sandal.  I thought these looked pretty similar to my original pair as well, just with more straps.  I thought the tan color was very everyday, which I like, and on sale for $23.97 I thought maybe it could be love? I didn’t see these at the Shiekh store when I went however, so I may have to try another mall.

This pair for DSW tickled my toesies when I saw them online.  I know they aren’t everyday sandals, but they just look so fun I have to go to my local DSW to see if they have them in stock.  On their website, it says they are on sale for $26.94 with the original price being $99.  What a deal!

Ok, that’s all for now, I must go contemplate how much I’m willing to spend on my next pair of sandals. Until next post!