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Long Time No See – Lara December 14, 2009

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Hello My lovely ClosetCat readers.  So sorry for being MIA lately.  My life has been on hiatus for one reason or another, but i won’t bore you with those silly details of my life.  Let me instead focus on the good!  So yesterday was my 23rd birthday.  Eeeek.  So old (except not really hahaha).  With the current mess that my life is in I decided to keep it very low key this year.  I just had lunch with the parentals at a local restaurant, dinner with a few close friends, and board games and drinks for the rest of the night.  It was good clean wholesome fun – something I really needed.

As a recap of the rest of my week since I have been so terrible at keeping you guys updated, I currently had a secret santa gift exchange with my boyfriend and his school friends.  We drew names weeks ago and the parameters of this particular secret Santa were as follows:

-$20 max limit
– Stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, etc.

So I kept the shopping true to my heart and took my own advice for Secret Santa presents and got my Secret Santa a onsie from target as well as a button up.  Look at the joy I brought to his face:

Yeah, its space themed, and Yes, it glows in the dark.  Jealous much? Now that’s one satisfied gift receiver.  🙂  Hope all of your Secret Santa Exchanges are as successful as mine!

(Oh, and I got a Snuggie.  BOO-YEAH BABY!)


To Peacock Or Not To Peacock – Lara October 17, 2009

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Happy Saturday world!  I hope everyone’s weekend is going better than mine so far! But I won’t bore you with those silly details.  Instead let’s talk Halloween.

So there’s exactly two weeks until costumes must be made and candy must be bought.  I know it struck me as soon as my mother asked me to make the goody bags to hand out to kids (I like to do something extra and instead of giving kids a handful of random candies I like to package and seal goody bags to ensure that each child gets and equal amount. . I’m crazy I know.  But the kids really enjoy it when they see you give them a bag full of treats!) So searching for candy my mind raced to what I could possibly be.

On a previous outing with my friends we stopped by numerous costume shops and one costume that really caught my eye was the peacock:

How cute is that?!  It’s something about the feathers I just love it so much! (Note my first ever ClosetCat post was on feathers)  And if you click to view the costume you can see that the back feathers also can be pushed down into a longer skirt as well which looks ridiculously cute as well.  Ugh, cute overload sorry.  Too bad I had to put the costume down when I saw the price tag of $90 in the store.  Even though online the costume is only $70 I still can’t bring myself to pay that much for something I will wear for only a few hours one day a year.  😦

I did however find an alternate peacock costume at Target for only $40

This one is cute too, but the details that I fell in love with in the first peacock are missing here (i.e. the feather hat, the ability for the tail feathers to be up or down, etc.)  Also, this one is not available in the store so I would have to order it online.  Now I don’t mind ordering online, but the fact that it’s one size and the model looks super skinny makes me weary of the item.

Maybe I should stick to my fall back costume of Morton Salt Girl that I’ve always talked about but never got around to doing. . .

morton salt girl.
morton salt girl. by doxophobia featuring Dorothy Perkins tights

Decisions decisions!  What are you thinking of being this Halloween?